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Jaskirat Singh
Jaskirat Singh

About Author

Hello There, Myself Jaskirat. I was born and raised in Amritsar. A small city in Punjab, India. I am still a student of mechanical engineering 3rd-year bachelor. I am 20 years old. Started this blog in march 2021. This is my 2nd website. My very first website was the one which I created in 2019, Back then I was 18 and a fresher in college.

There are Few things I learned along the way in these 20 years. And try to tell everyone I care of;

  1. You can learn anything you want just put sufficient pressure on your brain.
  2. Learn who deserves to listen to what you speak.
  3. Never learn from everyone.
  4. Anyone can be smarter than you.
  5. Never judge a book by its cover(not as simple as it sounds)
  6. You cannot win at everything at once.

I plan to put all my efforts into GoScreen. and scale it enough to achieve my resolutions with it.