If you have finally arranged some good budget for a computer device. The next thing that might confuse you is that which one is more worth it? Both desktop computer and laptop have their own advantages. This is exactly what we are going to discuss. According to me desktops are way better than laptops. Why? That is something that we will go through in detail in a few moments.

I can understand I have been there, which is exactly why I made this list of solid reasons which can help you decide that what should you be buying. Weather it is desktop or laptop you will be satisfied with your decision. We will go on every detail that is necessary for you to know before making a decision. This will include advantages of desktop over laptop and laptop over desktop as well.

Desktop computers are much more better than laptops. Because they perform better than laptops at same budget. even with exactly same specifications desktop always are better by a huge margin as compared to a laptop. What makes desktops really amazing is that their setup of same specification is cheaper than that of laptop and performs better than laptop.

With this said let’s get started.

Advantages of Desktop over Laptop

1)Freedom with Customization

This is what I call Freedom of Customization

When You choose to buy a desktop computer you choose to be free. Free from what? You will get freedom to choose that what you want to have with you machine and what you don’t. For example If you are going to build a pc for video editing. You can choose that which is the best monitor or screen with high quality colour calibration and grading. Because you need to be very accurate with colours as a professional. Frankly nobody is creating laptops precisely for video editors. This is exactly why having freedom to choose is something you should definitely go for.

2)Processing Power

If you don’t know this. When you buy a laptop you will not get as fast processing speed as a desktop. Now you will say that there are many different variants available with high processing speed. You can buy laptop with i9 or Ryzen 9 or whatever available per your needs. That why does it matter. Let me break a myth for you. Are you are thinking the same? then you are wrong. If you have seen an i9 processor in person before you will know how it looks like.

Laptop CPU size is so small as compared to Desktop CPU

Compare the same with i9 processor integrated in a laptop with i9 in a desktop. You will clearly observe that the processor in laptop is smaller as compared to normal i9 that you can buy from market. But why it is smaller than a desktop processor? It is simple because with laptop we have to save space. We don’t want to carry a laptop of 32 inch thickness. This sounds stupid and frankly it really is stupid to carry something that bulky.

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3)Longer Lifespan and Durability Period

With a desktop you will have very long life span of usage. Not just long actually one you buy a Desktop it will never be required for you to buy a new one. This is because unlike a laptop. A pc is something that is made to de dismantled. Suppose that everything with your pc is fine but only keyboard is not working at all. It is simple through it out buy a new one. Once you buy one it is never bought again.

Only thing that happens is that you slowly replace its parts. Maybe after 20 years you replace everything and eventually it is not the same Pc that you once purchased. But you never made a bulk change for your pc. This is another very simple yet very important reason why it is suggested to buy a desktop if you want it durable.

4)Way Higher Performance Statistics (same budget)

I have been using an HP pavilion gaming with AMD Ryzen 5 Processor, GTX 1050 graphics card and 8GB RAM. Using this laptop for over 3 years now. I have played a lot of games on this thing including CSGO, Valorant and Fortnite. I have also played valorant on a gaming pc with i3 processor, GTX 1050 and 16GB RAM. Now what happens is that when I played valorant on my laptop I was getting 120 plus constant FPS which is good.

But what is more convincing is that when I played with same setting on gaming desktop pc. I was getting at least 160 plus FPS. Even with i3 processor that thing was doing better than my laptop. Here is something I want to mention, I am not saying that don’t buy a gaming laptop it has its own benefits which we will discuss later. But if performance is what you are looking for go for a PC.

5)Money Efficient

As mentioned before you will get better performance in desktop over a laptop at same sometimes at cheaper price range even. Let us suppose that you are having a desktop pc for gaming. Maybe you run a youtube channel with 1 nonillion subscriber (10 to the power 30). Now you want to have a device that can stream in 4k as well as play games in best performance.

For that you will need to have best level of equipments. You can get i9 processor, a lot of RAM and RTX 3060 graphics card. A laptop with these or any other extreme specification will cost you at least around 5 lakh rupees. But, with a PC you can get everything sorted under 3-4 lakh. This much amount of savings and such a gap between performance is something we must be aware of.

So is it decided that performance laptops are useless? No of course not. I have explained a lot of advantages in favour of desktop that how the are better than laptop. So, I have to tell you that in what conditions buying a laptop is better over computer.

How is Laptop Better over a Desktop?


If you are going to buy a device for you software design engineering. I want you to have a laptop of 30,000 max with low end specs. this is enough for you. Now why I said you to buy a laptop here. This is basically because for programming you don’t need to have a very high end device. Your compiler will compile the code without any difficulty on a basic level processor. You need to have 8GB RAM at least this will boost up your processes. Other than that everything is unnecessary. For low end specs a Desktop PC will cost you more than a laptop.

2)Mobility Issue

When you have a laptop. It is much more easier to carry it along with you wherever you go. You can carry it along you in a jet plane or a public train. Whatever the place is you can always choose to work from your laptop. Which is exactly were it beats desktop. You cannot use desktop with complete setup and good battery backup. What is most dilemmatic is that it is not possible to carry the whole thing wherever you go.

3)Much More Manageable

macbook pro near iphone and apple fruit
Photo by karsten madsen on Pexels.com

Laptops are compact and they are also closed inside the frame. Only thing that you see is its keyboard and trackpad. Some ports are also visible which help you to plug required devices. Other than that everything is hidden inside the frame. No wires are outside of the device except the charging wire which can also be detached as per our needs. Now this is exactly what makes laptops better in a way. Because of no wires outside, it becomes much more easy to manage things while working on a laptop since everything is nice and clean on it.

What is your Opinion?

Desktop computers are much more better than laptops. Because they perform better than laptops at same budget. even with exactly same specifications desktop always are better by a huge margin as compared to a laptop. What makes desktops really amazing is that their setup of same specification is cheaper than that of laptop and performs better than laptop.

But, this is what I believe over my solid reasons. Let me know that what are your thoughts regarding the same. Do you think that you can get more out of laptop than a desktop. if yes let me know is the comment sections and we will start our discussion. Let’s build a healthy environment of discussions and sharing in comments below.

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