Their are numerous times that I have noticed my workflow increase by a rapid rate. This might be something many can correlate to. If you are a student, an artist, or any professional with a highly concentrative job. Their is quiet a very good chance that you use music while working. But why? why is it that music effects only certain group of people. And does music really boost or at least improve productivity?

Power of music is no secret. It is the most powerful tool used in cinematography to spark emotion in audience. You feel raged on some songs. And some just make you sad for no reason. A study was conducted in recent years which we are going to discuss and will likely answer to all your questions.

Dobbs and Mc.Clellands in year 2011 conducted a study in on who will likely be affected by Music. The results? They divided their results in 3 different cases.

  1. Personality Type
  2. Type of Work
  3. Music Type

We will go through all of these one by one. Ready? Cool, Lets Begin!

Dobbs and Mc.Clellands Research

1) Personality type

Firstly, We Consider is Personality Type. Researchers found in the process that people who were moved by the musical playlist were mostly Introverts. Were as in case of extroverts music wasn’t a big difference of consideration.

Another research conducted in 2017 concluded that Higher the working memory capacity the lesser music put an affect on them. Although the two theories are not very similar. But, for the matter of fact introverts often gather information they actually needs. Whereas extroverts need to remember a lot of information. Can you relate things now?

Theory suggests that extrovert are under stimulated and desire for more stimulation. but in the case of introverts, they are overstimulated and desire to avoid situations that could further increase arousal. It is said that for those whom music works well. It is like thinking about thinking, They think that music is effective for their concentration and just believe enough. This eventually makes things work well and hence this explains why music is efficient for introverts.


let’s not forget one thing, As long as it is working we don’t need any explanations do we. I personally listen to music sometimes when I need to write really huge articles. This work well for me and I will keep Using it further too. Anyways let’s see what is our 2nd factor.

2) Type of work

To explain this term let us consider a scenario, Imagine you are reading a book of which is a well know self help guide. You are listening to music and reading the text simultaneously. Remember you just don’t read it it is also important to understand it. What will happen is that the music will likely interfere like some external noise and eventually you got not productivity improve. In fact it was just a period of complete time waste where it was neither music nor study.

But, think that you have to write a long email to you college or boss, or you are solving a lot of mathematics problems. In this case music is the factor which is keeping your subconscious busy with it and don’t let you think of excuse about going to the bathroom or etc. This is how type of work plays a huge role in our improve productivity through music.

One important thing some people think driving at night becomes way more comfortable with jazz music in earbuds. But I would say you to never try this strategy because it will eventually make you sleep because of a sense of relaxation. Also you won’t be able to listen to car horns.

3) Music Type

If you are studying you would prefer to listen music which has a smooth and calm rhythm. These types of musical playlists are sometimes specialized for study. It again depends that what sort of music are you listening regarding what job you are doing. If you are up for a jog you might like something strong and motivating like rock music! when cooking a delicious meal try listening to classical music like Mozart. It will definitely spark your inner chef I’m certain of this.

Their are tons of playlists on Spotify or whatever music player you like to use. I personally listen to music on YouTube when I am writing content. Their are some very good live music broadcastings which keep on changing music in every few minutes and are totally amazing. The I listen to the most is Lofi hip hop music Beats. If you wanna try here I have linked it below.

What music is good for productivity

Ok before we get into this I want to make it very clear that this is not a conclusion of any case study or else. All what now you will read are observed facts. Good enough? Lets go,

  1. Listen to music which you like to hear when are sitting alone and calm from inside. this could be anything that your mind can relate with either your memories or emotions.
  2. Ideally a music piece for studying is the one with any lyrics. I mean don’t listen to songs when you need mental concentration and focus on your tasks. When you listen to songs you will eventually start mummering lyrics and your focus is shattered in a moment. So try to avoid songs while studying.
  3. Never listen to music with sudden change in its way. Like no EDM at all. You cannot listen to these fast bass drops. If you do it literally is noise nothing else for study.

To Sum Up

What is your choice regarding music while studying, gym, fitness or whatever you prefer music with. let me know in the comments about your believes on music with study and performance improve. Or you do not listen to music while working. Either way tell me in the comments about your views.


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