We live in a country which ranks 3rd in global obesity index. Almost everyone in here is obese right? But, what can we do to get in shape well I cannot give advice to you on that, all I can say is exercise. but one thing that I can do for you is to help you in monitoring your fitness. With the help of these fitness bands you will be able to keep a good vision on your calories burnt, as well as SpO2 index. These are my recommendations for best fitness band Available in India.

But before that lets take a note on some important factors to be considered.

How to choose fitness band best for me?

Confused girl

Their are times when people are just searching around the internet for something they are interested to buy, But, they really can’t make a decision. That is because people themselves don’t know what are they expecting from the product itself. So before getting into actual list I want you to understand your vision of a perfect fitness band. Since you want to get back in a good shape or to gain some muscles or just want to simply track you activity while sports practice, Whatever the reason is their are somethings which are of similar interest for all.


For every new health band it is important to consider that colours play a very vital role in the staying interested in some work. I means that might sound lame to you but that actually could be the very centre of staying motivated. Also It gives you flexibility to start your workout with something interesting.


Many feel that their is nothing to consider about the display of a fitness band. For the matter of fact a high resolution colour screen is not required in them. But sometimes we just need colours to make explanations for us that is when you should look for coloured watch. But most important thing to understand before buying a band is display size. Because if display size is small it becomes difficult to navigate between different settings. Also apps in band don’t look that separable. That is why you should ideally choose a watch with screen size of 1 inch or above.


Take a note of consideration that you should always check for weight of your band. Why? because if you watch weighs bulky it will seize attention psychologically. You will not be able to focus on your stamina, strength, etc. Subconscious disturbance is always their for a bulky watch. Just think of this scenario, you are running on a track and your bulky watch is some extra weight for your arm to swing. It will soon be irritating. Find a watch weighing less than 30-40 gm. This will be the best you will get.


Battery dying

Lets be honest nobody has time to charge the same thing again and again. So instead why not choose a product with better battery life. So that you need not charge it daily. Similarly for a fitness band choose something which takes weeks to drain away not days. Although most of these bands are very reliable in respect to their battery consumption, But still, Their are few which drain like an old phone. So be very very careful regarding that.

Waterproof or IP68 Certified?

Firstly, what is the difference between waterproof and IP68. IP68 in an international authenticity of resistance against water for 30 minutes with a maximum depth of 1.5m. Whereas something waterproof is resistance to water. Don’t make decision just because waterproofing with depth mentioned is best. If you don’t need to go to swimming then IP68 is totally fine. Specially for country like India where it rains like shower, you cant have anything less than the best fitness band right? For swimmers I have mentioned watches/Bands with waterproofing for 50m or above in the below list.

Health Monitors and sensors

Make sure that whatever watch you are choosing to has all the important functionalities like heartrate monitoring, Blood pressure monitor, SpO2 or blood oxygen saturation, Also if it doesn’t have any other of the important apps. You might need to think again before buying it. Now it’s just that If you are seeking a budget watch their might be consideration of some compromises. But the ultimate decision is your. Some simply need feature like foot steep count. They don’t really care about SpO2 and all. Right?

With all this settled, Lets start with our list of best fitness band launched in India….

1) OnePlus Smart Band

smart band on a table

OnePlus smart fitness band is one of the very few cheap fitness bands which offer you a highly accurate SpO2 measurements. Yes, SpO2 for just a price range of Rs. 2499. Talking about the first impression of this fitness band. It is pretty very light weight as compared to others in the market. For reference it weighs only 22 gm. Whereas Apple Watch weighs around 52 gm. Most importantly, while talking about this fitness band I must notify you about a key feature which I find very Interesting.

That is, We can set our fitness activity tracker to check our heart rate regularly within fixed interval of time. Like you can set to check heart rate every 2 minutes if you wish to do so. The company promises the battery life to be around 14 days. Which again is very convenient. But if you use continuous heart rate monitor it will obviously drain battery at a much faster rate.

Secondly, OnePlus band is both dirt and water resistant. In fact it can endure pressure up to 5ATM (atmospheric pressure unit) or approximately 50m of depth in water. This is one of the key features which makes me suggest this band to swimming enthusiasts. To control your smart band you need to install OnePlus Health App. This app can be helpful to transmit your mobile notifications to watch interface. It will also buzz with incoming calls which you can disconnect from band itself, But you cannot pick a call from watch itself. Which is weird. But That’s how it is.

To know more about OnePlus Smart Band refer following link- https://gadgets.ndtv.com/wearables/reviews/oneplus-band-fitness-review-price-in-india-specs-2349725


  • Price –  INR 2,499
  • Brand – OnePlus
  • Supported Application – Phone, Camera, Heart Rate Monitor, Sleep Tracker, Blood Oxygen Saturation Tracker (SpO2)
  • Wireless Type – Bluetooth
  • Connector Type – Wireless
  • Compatibility – Both iOS and Android devices
  • Warranty – 1 year
  • Battery Life – 14 days
  • Amazon Ratings – 55% 5-star rating and 24% 4-star rating

2) Mi Band 5

Redmi band 5 on arm

Mi Band 5 is another fitness band recently launched in India, which could potentially be a good choice for you. band offers you with 14 day battery life. Firstly, This is something similar to that of OnePlus smart band. But, on the plus hand it has 11 different sports activity mode for accurate analysis. Modes like walking, cycling, etc are some of them.

You can if you want to monitor your sleep cycle with the help of sleep monitoring feature. Every feature that comes with this band can be controlled via Mi fit App. Which again is a good thing. What plus point it has is that you get a magnetic action inbuilt charging port. Means just get your charger near the point, And it will clip itself to the device. One very good feature you will get in this product is NFC(near field communication).

Secondly, NFC gives you an opportunity to pay with just waving your band near the card machine. Now, that is really cool. With NFC version you can even use it to unlock your mi notebook without actually touching it. The band has a 5Ghz o frequency range due to which it connects very fast. Moreover You get the same 5 ATM of water resistant display means 50m water depth can be bearable for the band. You have 100 watch faces to never get bored off.

Lastly, Mi Band 5 can also be used as trigger to camera shutter which again is a good feature. Well since the company clams its battery life to be of 14 days. But, Actually it’s battery lasted around 9 to 10 days with continuous heart rate monitoring turned on. Although the band can last up to 50m of water level pressure but it is prohibited by the company to use if for scuba diving or sauna baths.

Note:- Mi fitness Band 6 has officially been announced but is not yet available in India. Although it will be launched in India Soon.

Specifications of band 5

  • Price –  Rs. 2,499
  • Supported Application – Weather, Phone, Alarm, Heartbeat Tracker, Sleep Tracker, Pedometer, Swim Tracker
  • Wireless Type – Bluetooth
  • Connector Type – Wireless
  • Compatibility – Both iOS and Android devices
  • Warranty – 1 year
  • Battery Life – 14 days (Tested results are 9 to 10 days)
  • Amazon Ratings – 62% 5-star rating and 25% 4-star rating

3) OPPO Band Style

OPPO Style Sitting on a mat

OPPO Band Style comes with a huge 1.1 inch AMOLED display. This display is touch screen. The range of colours that this band emits is beautiful. It is not very common to have a touch screen display on a fitness band. That is what I am most impressed about. Moreover, their are 40 plus variety of watch faces , which is good. Now that else does it offers which makes it stand out above all. It has continuous SpO2 monitoring. For a company which recently entered market in India, really did a great job with fitness band.

Which is something new in market And of course their is continuous heart rate monitoring available too. Their is sleep tracking feature, and also while you are sleeping your SpO2 is always being monitored. Company states an over all battery life of around 12 days. secondly, you get a gorgeous band strap of belt buckle design which is main design of the product. But you will also get a regular high quality rubber strap. The Ordinary one is more likely for men, where as the other one so called “buckle belt” design is more of women or girlish oriented.

On standby mode you will see the regular standby watch face which can be changed and also custom standby images can be added. You can control the watch with the help of HeyTap health app, which is available on both PlayStore(android) and app store(IOS). Lastly, the band is also 50m water resistant or water proof.

OPPO band style full specifications

  • Normal Price- Rs. 2799
  • 1.1-inch (126 x 294 pixels)
  • AMOLED 24bit colour touch screen
  • 2.5D scratch-resistant glass
  • Shows notifications from apps, for calls, messages and more
    Silent alarm, Weather, Music control, instant location lock from phone
  • 12 sports modes
  • 50m Water resistance
  • Continuous Sp02 sensor for blood oxygen monitoring
  • 5ATM (50 meters) water resistant
  • Bluetooth 5.0 LE to connect to Android and iOS devices
  • 100mAh battery with up to 12 days of usage
  • Buckle belt design which women love.

4) Fitbit Inspire 2

Fitness band in wrist

Next we have Fitbit inspire 2 which is again another very good recommendation from my side. The watch offers you 20 different sports mode or exercise mode to track your activity. Like any other fitness tracker it also offers heartrate tracking. Sleep tracking is also available along other features. Secondly, your mobile notifications like WhatsApp, SMS or emails are directly seen on the main page of watch. you can receive with the help of Inspire 2.

Comparing it with looks of Inspire 1, Looks are very similar but slimmer and lighter. The watch is nothing about colour range. Because, it is a monochromatic display feature watch. Although An interesting feature is that you can set key replies so that you can reply messages directly from your watch. Although for IOS this feature is not available, because, Apple wants you to get involved into their environment. Fitbit Inspire 2 has swimming trackers which is again a good thing. Also everything can be controlled on Fitbit app.

Specifications For Fitbit Inspire 2

  • Normal Price- Rs. 7999
  • Swimming tracker
  • sleep monitor
  • 20 sports activity mode
  • Slimmer and lighter than previous model
  • Push notifications can be seen on device
  • Lit of replies can be made to instantly reply your messages

5) Realme fitness band

band in dark
Green colour light band

Next we have Realme fitness band. Talking about its build quality it really is sturdy. Weight is actually very very less, which is just around 20gm. you will get three different colours which are. olive green, yellow and black. Now if you as me, then I like the olive green colour the most. But for more I should say that this is a budget fitness band so we have to compromise a little with some aspects.

Like, its brightness at its full s not the brightest but still is ok. You get many different sports tracking modes including sports like cricket. Their are total 9 different activity tracking modes. So, you can understand it is more of for Indian audience. Your fitness smart band can be controlled with realme link app. The app itself is very reliable and easy to use so you can easily operate the watch. You might want to track your sleep cycles. This you can do easily because their is sleep tracking available in this price range smart band.

Continuous heart rate monitoring is an essential feature for todays world. So, you do get it available in the the band, isn’t that great? Also the watch is water proof, since this is a fitness band it is important for it to e water proof, Otherwise, sweat will break the watch.

Specifications For Realme Fitness Band

  • Normal Price- Rs. 2999
  • Large coloured display
  • Cable free charging
  • Real time heart rate tracker.
  • App notifications
  • IP68 waterproofing
  • Sports activity tracking
  • 6-9 days of battery life (Tested)

6) Fastrack Reflex 3 Fitness Band

Reflex light in dark
Fastrack Reflex display colours

In my prospective Fastrack Reflex 3 is literally the most beautiful fitness band I’ve ever seen in all around India. I was totally stunned and have to mention that Fastrack has always amazed me with their product quality. This particular series is totally an outstanding class in itself. Totally devoting to sports and fitness. Reflex 3 is not having any SpO2 monitoring in it, which kind of shocked me, But, the environment that fastrack build with its app and it’s graphical interface, Continuous heart rate monitoring,

I just loved the way the designed the watch faces that we get to see. Although it has been a while since they have launched the watch. Band offers you IP68 water proof rating, Hence, you can carry watch deep down the waters. Charging is something everyone wanna know about. Well the device is magnetically plugged charging operated. So you just put the thing together and it will start charging itself.

Band weighs around 24 gm which is good. The lighter a fitness band is better it is for the user. Another thing about the build quality the straps are made of silicon which is OK! in my views. For display, their is a 0.9 inch display size, which is neither small nor large, But the thing which sacrifices the size of screen is the display capacity button. Yes it is a button under the screen which acts like a Home button and enhances user experience. Watch has a very haptic feedback mechanism that is it vibrates with incoming calls and messages. Battery life I around 10 days, since, their is a battery of

But, of course with heartrate monitoring continuously turned on you will not be able to use watch for 10 days but for 6-7 days max. These are the things which make this watch outstanding.

Specifications For Fastrack Reflex

  • Normal Price- Rs. 2995
  • 10 sports mode
  • Full colour display
  • 10 days battery life
  • IP68 water resistant
  • Heart rate monitor
  • Notifications alert
  • Music control
  • Camera control
  • Find your phone
  • Sedentary reminder (means It will alert you if you have been inactive for a while and ask your to take a walk)

7) Honor band 6

Honor Band 6

Honor band 6 is the last but not the least in our list that we cannot ignore to talk about. The display quality we get is something good I should say. With all new honor band 6 you get NFC(Near Field Communication). The example of features like this is like we pay money with the help of waving your band around the vending machine. Which in my books is a good luxury feature. Watch itself weighs around 18 gm which is very light. Watch is fully plastic built so that is simply a beautiful budget watch for you.

Their is a power on and off button on the left. The screen is very generous and is perfect. For exact measures the screen size is 2.5 inches, Wow! Right? Because of big display the Icon’s visibility is very very good and also the touch response is outstanding. What more to expect from the watch? Firstly, you can measure sleep time with sleep monitoring. SpO2 for blood saturation. 24 Hours of blood rate monitor is also available. To put is simple every basic or necessary feature you are loosing for is right here.

You can connect the watch with it’s mobile app to change watch faces as you desire to. Chose between numerous other fitness or sports activity to track your performance and get your activity recorded with accurate measures. This is mainly the reason I recommend you this watch the most. This watch totally deserver to be one of the best fitness band in all around India.


  • NFC variant price- Rs. 3200
  • Non-NFC variant Price- Rs. 2800
  • Music control available.
  • 10 Different sports activity
  • Menstruation tracker(Women Health)
  • 180mAh battery (14 days of battery life)
  • 2.5 inch display.

So, Which is the best?

Since we are living in a country like India people living here are with a vast variety of interest. Some need Simply the best one no matter what amount they spend. Some are Looking for an affordable fitness band and some just want something reliable in India or easy to use. I want you to ask yourself that what is your choice? These Questions as mentioned below must be able to wipe all your doubts.

Question- What is the most budget friendly fitness band?

Answer- In my opinion the most budget friendly one among all other recommendations are, Mi band 5 and OPPO band Style. This is because although their are many other decent bands in our list, But, No other band has been able to fulfil the expectations of the user as these two have done despite being a low price fitness band. The both look Good, Even one of them is manufactured as a jewel(OPPO Style). Whatever feature you Imagine both of them are providing too much value for the money they are asking. If you don’t really care a lot about looks then a decent looking band with very cost efficient price is also available that is Honor band 6.

Question- Which is the most reliable or easy to use fitness band?

Answer- If you want something that is very reliable and easy to use go for Realme fitness band. Why? Simply because the interface that they have built is very very very easy to understand. When I say easy to use it means that we can easily understand the functionality of any button just by looking at its icon. Everything in this band is very well organized and can be predictably found.

Question-Which is the overall best fitness band in India?

Answer- So, we have gone through enough, Now it’s time to answer that which is the best that literally is up to expectations. So, my recommendation of the best fitness band in India is OPPO Band Style, Why? Because it is the most worth it in my views. Firstly it is not that costly. Not everything that is expensive. I’ve seen may smart bands but no one else offers this many accurate feature as OPPO had. Also I love the design they have crafted. With such a minimalistic price range company is offering a wide range of feature which are genuinely good


I believe that all the queries inside your head must be cleared off by now. You might have got your answer regarding the best fitness band in India. But in case if you still are confused by a little bit you can freely use the comment section on this post and I will try my best to help you with that. If in case you have any suggestions, We will love to have them, please let us know about your experience with the context since their is always a scope for improvement. Was it helpful or not. Are you going to buy a fitness band. If yes, you can click on links available on the page itself. This would be a direct support to me as well as GoScreen.in.

This might be it for this once, But, We always try to keep our users up to date with our highly efficient content. If you want to get notified whenever we post new content you can subscribe to our web push notifications by clicking on the lower right Bell Icon. Leave rest to us and stay tuned with GoScreen.in

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