When wandering to buy a good headphone online. A number of brands come into the play. To confuse a customer. Since a huge variety of headphones around the market. We are not able to decide what should we do. We understand your problem that’s why today we will be going through a list of top 5 headphone brands around the internet. Which are both good and affordable.
All these headphone brands have been personally experienced by me. So everything I am writing is totally legit. We will also discuss common problems that I faced. On the basis of which you can decide if you want to buy or not.

We will also go through some frequently asked questions in the end. Where some of common questions are mentioned. But for now this is our top 5 best headphones brands in India.


Now, Firstly we have Philips in our list. If I were to choose any one among this list the brand I would go for is no doubt Philips. Why? This is simply because the level of performance, audio output quality, comfort of wearing, etc. Everything was totally worth it.


I used the same Philips headphones for around a year and headphones were totally amazing, Even today my headphones are perfect. It have been 5 years of using that same pair and still it works like a charm.

Although now I Don’t Use them anymore. It’s not that I don’t want to but the problem is that cushion. The particular pair of headphones I have been using have a sponge based fabric cushion which got torn apart with flow of time. I tried my best to find the cushion for these headphones but I never found the same. Now Philips Don’t manufacture that pair of headphones either. So the pair is totally useless now until I find the same cushions. So not just for Philips make sure that yoou can buy its cushions externally if you need.


Now, secondly we have JBL in our list of top 5 best headphone brands in India. Since you might have been familiar with the brand. I must mention that this brand is famous for its build and sound quality. Yes, JBLs are good music systems. they do sell all audio devices like headphones, earphones, speakers, etc.


The ones which I have been using are the JBL T460BT. One point to be known about is that they surely aren’t good for gaming because of the audio lag. This audio lag will totally drive you crazy and the gaming experience will be ruined. But if you are not thinking about purchasing the ones for gaming.

Then no problem because their sound quality is totally arousing. The noise isolation these headphones provide is amazing and is something that is to be genuinely impressed of. Base equalization is perfect in JBLs.

Cosmic Byte

Although cosmic byte is not a regular headphone brand. The specialise in gaming headphones. But because of the performance and quality they provide Putting them in this list just cant be helped. I have used cosmic byte headphones for both gaming and video editing. I never ever got any second thoughts regarding their performance.

They have totally been working fine for a year and a half. But, Lately I have to adjust the audio pin at a certain angle to get audio in both sides. The ones that I have personally used are Cosmic Byte H11 Gaming series.

The design was fantastic. Although the have a plastic frameworks. Still they are a good and heavy body headphones. The cable they gave us to connect is amazingly well fabricated and this is kind of a signature for Cosmic bytes. They even add an audio Regulator and a mic turn off button on a station mounted on the cable.

The thing I told you about 3 pin plug. This defect is something that most of the companies do add to their headphones to ensure that the break after some time and we have to buy new ones. Although it sounds lame but this is how industry works. This is not a problem specifically pointed out for cosmic byte But almost every other Company which sell wired audio devices do the same thing.


Next we have Boat within our list. i have used not one but two of their headphones and personally speaking my experience was not good with them. But don’t judge too quick Boat is in this list for a reason. I have used Boat rockers 450 and Boat Bass Heads 900. Firstly let me tell you about Boat Rockers 450. Boat has a pretty decent sound quality but when it comes to build quality. they have a very huge problem with that. the buttons are quiet clicky.


They produce so much noise which I don’t Like. Also It’s System doesn’t support multiple application audio. Means If you wanna play a game while on Discord you will only hear discord sound not the audio of game. I received an aux cable within the box for wired connection. The cable was Worst it stopped functioning properly within a day. Now about bass head 900 everything is fine. Except the build Quality. Such poor quality of hinges are in use. My bass head 900 are broken after just using them for 1 month.

But, the reason for placing the boat In our list of top 5 best headphone brands is that despite of the fact that these models are broken. Other Products from boat are real Deals. like Specially Boat Rocker 550. unlike 450 boat rocker 550 are pretty good headsets. it’s Design Is outstanding. The audio performance is amazingly good. Also The different Colour Variants are beautiful specially the MAROON MAVERIC and the RED colour. Their is No Doubt in my head that boat Rockers 550 are Awesome. If you are thinking to buy new headsets consider them as the best ones.

Skull Candy

Now, Skull candy is something which many might not have expected but the thing is that I have used skull candy for a while. All I can tell you about them is that they are totally being loved for the sound Quality they provide. Skull Candy is totally a cheap alternative for the ones who are seeking Premium features at an affordable price range.


To put this simple Skull candy has recently launched its SkullCandy Hesh ANC. The design in simple. But the Colour contrast is stunningly Premium. Although they are Not the cheapest but are actually expensive.

Hesh ANC comes with Active noise Cancellation Which is totally great. Now their are many other headphones of skull Candy That are pretty much up to the expectations. They could be a good option for you If you need a new headphone. Although SkullCandy is not that well known among everyone. But, it still has it’s own Existence.


What is the best audio brand?

Sennheiser are considered as one of the most popular headphone brands around the globe. But still it is just a believe that they are the best. Although they are not Added in this list because of their high budget requirement.

Is boat a Indian company?

Yes, It is true that Boat is an India Company. it was stablished in India in 2015. ever since the day its quality products have been appreciated by people All Across the Globe. CEO of Boat is Mr. Aman Gupta.

Is Mivi Indian brand?

Yes, Mivi is totally an Indian Brand started in the year 2015. Mivi is the brand which sells electronic goods fully made in India. Having their complete assembly line unit in India. They manufacture all sorts of headphones, speakers and many other audio devices.


If you were disappointed for not finding you favourite brand in the list of top 5 best headphone brands in India. Feel free to use the comment section we would be happy to answer your queries. Although their might Be a reason for not considering the various brands. For more Informative content like this follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

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