Listening To Music Improve Productivity

rock wearing headphones

Their are numerous times that I have noticed my workflow increase by a rapid rate. This might be something many can correlate to. If you are a student, an artist, or any professional with a highly concentrative job. Their is quiet a very good chance that you use music while working. But why? why is … Read more

Best Hard Drive For Laptop

External Hard drive with laptop

If you are a collage student or a MNC employ you can understand importance of a hard drive for laptop. Firstly, You need to have at least one external storage for storing important data . For storing your family photographs or video memories, Laptop’s internal storage is not enough. So today we will be talking … Read more

How To make phone screen smooth for BGMI

So you are angry for not getting a chicken dinner just because your screen was not smooth enough that you could control some recoil. Don’t worry in this article we are gonna solve your problem regarding How To make phone screen smooth for BGMI? Their are some reasons why your screen is not smooth enough … Read more

Best mic for Youtube under 1000

best mic for youtube under 1000

Recent events of pandemic have changed every person in some way. Either it’s personality or prospective. Every body have made a clear change. Many have come to self realisation about ones true aim. According to records a vast areas of exploration has been done in an year. Many opt for Youtube as a career option. … Read more

Top 5 Best Headphone Brands In India

Best headphone brands in india

When wandering to buy a good headphone online. A number of brands come into the play. To confuse a customer. Since a huge variety of headphones around the market. We are not able to decide what should we do. We understand your problem that’s why today we will be going through a list of top … Read more

How does VR works

So How VR works? Firstly, I hope you all are safe and healthy at your homes streaming through games, series, movies etc. Technology has brought a vivid experience in our lives transforming it exponentially. It has not only added a new meaning to us but also saved our lives in these hard times. How vr … Read more

Monitor vs Tv | What is Best for my PC

dual monitor attachment

Monitor vs TV are both very similar in terms of functionality. Or I can say that It seem like they are similar. Obviously after reading this article you will understand some new key differences. You will come to know that even with their same looks they really are not similar. Even if they look a … Read more

How much have TVs advanced | Future of tv

Ever since the time of industrial revolution. Tv’s have been a part of our everyday activity. Now a days they not just are used for a medium to convey a message to the audience but also as they are important for Transplanting thoughts. Transplanting thoughts? What does it mean? You probably are thinking the same … Read more

Best Samsung Soundbar Guide

Samsung Sound bar

This is the complete guide to samsung soundbar. We have made this comprehensive article to make your work easier and quick. More over all the samsung soundbar ‘s are trusted by many around the globe because of their brand value. And all of them are easily available on so if in case you don’t … Read more