When buying earphones you have to very conscious about specifications. Specially when you are looking for earphones with under budget as low as 500. But can you actually get good earphones for so cheap? Answer is yes you can. Here I have listed all top earphones that I can rely upon for just 500. Weather you want to play games like pubg or listen to music these earphones are always up to the mark.

When It comes to budget electronics always go with the trusted companies. That is why I have considered brands like Boat, jbl and Mi in our list. Some of these I have actually used personally. I have considered all sorts of earphones. So, this is more of a generalised overview on best earphones under 500, nothing specific.

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Although these are just some cheap earphones but their quality is upto the mark. Weather it is their build quality or audio output, these are just magnificent. This is not to know which is best of all. But If you are just here to know which is the best amongst all I can tell you my personal favourite straight away.

The best earphones that you can get under 500 in my personal favourites is Mi Earphones Basic. They are a budget earphones with a very cheap price but the quality of sound they give is outstanding. Their body has high durability and build quality is also very good. Also they have a microphone with decent audio input.

Good enough? So let’s dive in.

1) Boat Bassheads 100

Firstly, we have boat bassheads 100 in our list. My first impressions on these was stunning. I know that we can get good quality earphones under 500. But this was something else. The design was pushing them above any other average earphones. I also did tested their sound quality in different applications. Yes, I mostly tested it with just mobile phone and didn’t go for pc. With that said lets start with its build quality.

boat is one of the best earphones under 500 rupees

Build Quality

The whole thing is plastic build and not any ordinary plastic. Afterall we are talking about Boat. The plastic that is used is high quality no doubts about that in my head. The wire that we get is also of a very good quality rubber. Also has an inline microphone.

Their is a plastic build audio control station on the wire that has a button on it. This buttons main function is simply to engage in voice call and control audio play and pause. You can also use this button to activate google voice assistant. we also get silicon based eartips. And a pack of extras of them.


For the matter of fact every good or I should say quality build device is often durable too. Same is the case here, bassheads 100 are quiet durable. But still they are made to be handle with care. you can use them for listening music while exercise or whoever your prefer. I am not saying that they are extremely durable but a few tosses wont do anything at all.

Sound Quality

These earphones perform quiet decent and I can say you should consider buying them. Some face a problem of low sound on video platforms. This is because these are bassheads designed for music. So, when they are used for music the perform very well.

  • Their light weight makes it more comfortable for user.
  • Inline Microphone is also there.
  • The audio quality is very good and is totally upto the mark for a price of less than 500.
  • Games can also be played with it.
  • Since these are designed for music lovers only they are not very good for other functions like watching a movie because sound might be less.
  • You can play games with good surround sound but not very efficient there too.

2) JBL C50HI in-Ear Headsets.

Secondly, here comes JBL in the game of earphones. It is no secret that JBL is one of the most popular audio device company we know. Besides they are well known for their earphones precisely. So, nothing else can be expected from JBL C50HI earphones. They are sturdy as always and are packed with stunning looks too. Their packaging was top notch.

Build Quality

When you hold these earphones out of the packaging box. You will instantly know that these earphones are high quality build. Eartips are of silicon material. Body itself is of plastic and also the main wire is made up of rubber. On wire their is a control station with volume up and down roller button available. Also this earphones comes with MIC. Mic sound input is decent and noise is very less. Earphones are designed in such a way that almost 50% of noise is cancelled or isolated.


Although JBL is a very trusted bran but still there are incidents when JBL shipped products of worst quality. But these earphones are not one of them their body is sturdy and strong. This thing is for sure, Once you buy them they are going along for a very long way. These earphones are not very light. They are a little heavy than that of boat bassheads. But, still they are just earphones the most handy thing in the world. So it is not any problem at all.

Sound Quality

One thing about JBL the do make very good audio devices but because of international acceptance maybe, their devices always are low in bass. Same is the case with these ones. Their bass as compare to other earphones under 500 is very low. But if you are not just looking for bass but something more. JBL must be the right thing for you. Why? Because despite having low bass these earphones have a very good audio output. So, you can consider buying them.

  • With control unit you can launch google assistant and siri hands free.
  • Multiple colours available for you to choose.
  • You will get a feature of noise isolation at such a cheap price.
  • Microphone input is very good.
  • Bass quality is not very good although over all audio output is very good.

3) Mi Earphones basic

I would suggest you don’t get distracted with the word basic. Because Mi Earphones Basic are no joke. I have personally used these myself for around 6 months and ever since they are my personal favourite. Yes they are the one I recommend you the most because of various reasons. Their Looks are good and they also weigh decent.

Build Quality

When you hold them they do feel like light. But the material company has used is very good and hence earphones are very strong. Their fitting in ears is quite satisfactory and are very much comfortable too. I noticed one thing during mu usage period, although company doesn’t claims of noise cancellation. But their design do rejects some external noise.

Sound Quality

About sound quality, I have never had any doubts about these earphones. Infact mi basic are the one I have at most confidence. Their sound quality is amazing. Bass is deep. Price is Cheap. They are totally Value for money. I have a Redmi note 8 and since these earphones are specially optimised for Mi Phones the audio out put we get is magical. All you need to do is select Mi Basic earphones in your equalizer and you are ready to go.

  • Six months warranty.
  • Deep Bass Audio output
  • Over all audio quality is very good
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Contains Microphone
  • Although build quality is good but Soon its audio jack might not work properly, since It happened to me that’s why I am mentioning this.

4) Motorola Pace 130

I have use motorola headphones in the past and the time I spend listening to music in them was literally amazing. Those headphones we big but comfortable. By this you can have an Idea about the comfort level that motorola cares about. Similarly in Motorola Pace 130 the audio output is very good and so is the comfortable environment in them.

Build Quality

It is no secret that motorola has always been know for their unique product design and customer satisfaction. Personally I do really like their design and overall build quality. There are many other earphones that I have used including motorola. But, for some reason they are always very eye catching for me. Only thing that i faced as a problem was that their unique design was a little difficult to fit in my ears.


Last time when I bought any earphones from motorola I literally used them for more than one and a half year. And this is the only thing that lasted this long in my hands. I means even today I have them with me and they work fine. It is because they got damaged by mistake and one side is cracked but they still work perfect. So if you are looking for something durable. You should definitely go for motorola.

Sound Quality

Their sound quality is very very good. I don’t expect very deep bass from them but the still give a good swing of boom. More than anything they are designed in such a way that sound literally covers your head properly. This might sound crazy to you but, motorola earphones are really that good.

  • Unique and attractive design.
  • Overall audio output is very good
  • They are highly durable
  • They are also very high quality build earphones.
  • One Problem that I faced was that their unique design was not that comfortable or i should say suitable for my ears.
  • They don’t have so called deep bass

5) Skullcandy JIB S2DUDZ-003

Skullcandy is another very famous name among musical output devices. Once again we have a wired set of earphones which have no deep bass. Yes these are totally not good at bass. But they still sound pretty decent. Most fascinating thing about skullcandy is their design. They have always amazed their audience by their designs.

Build Quality

I have seen many skullcandy devices and have experienced one thing that is we must not ever ask for build quality of skullcandy branded products. These earphones have to much of sturdiness. It is totally worth it to buy them. Their looks are even more impressive than earphones itself. Also skullcandy has the most facianting colour range of earphones.


With high quality plastic body these headphones are going to stay with you for at least 1 year estimated. Body is so strong and plastic is too thick. Earphones themselves are not very heavy. I have seen people using skullcandy mostly for fitness entertainment purpose. This makes it sure that skullcandy makes tough earphones.

Sound Quality

Skullcandy are not very good at bass. But, I have used them for a while and they were pretty good. I have not used them for gaming but, yes they are amazing with music. All highs and lows sound clearly. Because of their relatively bigger audio output these headphones are loud. so you will have to use them a 80% of volume.

  • Beautiful design
  • Sturdy body
  • Good music output
  • Attractive colour
  • Microphone input is very good
  • They have very little bass


What is most durable earphones under 500?

Without any doubt in my head Motorola Pace 130 is the most durable earphones in my views. Since the are the ones that have lasted longer than any other earphones that is 1.5 years.

What is the best earphone to buy under 500 in india?

The best earphones that you can get under 500 in my personal favourites is Mi Earphones Basic. They are a budget earphones with a very cheap price but the quality of sound they give is outstanding. Their body has high durability and build quality is also very good. Also they have a microphone with decent audio input.


So, which one of these did you like the most? Are you going to buyone. If yes let me know in the comments which on are you going for. If you have any suggestions please let me know in the comment section. I will be more than happy to help you with that. With that said stay tuned with goscreen.in

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