Without the right mouse forget about winning, even survivals is difficult some time. If you do want to grow yourselves and be better at gaming, you need a good gaming mouse. But let’s be honest, gaming mouse are not cheap. They are costly. So, here I have created a list of top 5 Best Gaming mouse that you can get under 500 and are totally Reliable.

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Although there are many options available. But most of them are just good by looks. To be precise, they are good for nothing. Buying them is a complete waste of money and time. So before you buy just go through this list of 5 exceptionally gaming mouse for a budget. But of course if you want to save time I will tell you about them straight away.

Zebronics Zeb-Transformer is the best gaming mouse that you can get in this budget. i am saying this because it is full of features. Amazing design. I have used gaming mouse before. but this one is providing so much value at a very cheap rate. That is why i am saying If you do Want to buy a mouse this is the one you should go for.

Redgear A-15 CLICK HERE
Ant Esports GM200W CLICK HERE
Quantum Snype 1.0 CLICK HERE

1) Redgear A-15

Redgear A15

Firstly we have Redgear A-15. This gaming mouse has been very famous among budget gaming mouse because of its good looking design. There are 4 fully programmable buttons that are both sturdy and responsive. 4 buttons might be few but since we are talking in the budget, this is what we get. You will get a wire length of 1.8m with a USB-type Connector. With this mouse, you can shift to different DPI settings. You can increase DPI settings upto 6400. Now there also is RGB light in mouse but you cannot program his one. You will also get RGB lighting in mouse. RGB lighting which is fully customisable. All you need to do is install a software in your pc and configure it with mouse. Weight of this product is just 125 gms.

  • Redgear A15 is compatible with PCs, laptops, notebooks and other devices with a similar input.
  • The Redgear A15 is designed with multi programmable buttons
  • It also has durable and semi honeycomb design for a better grip.
  • With Redgear A15 you can experience a DPI change of upto 6400
  • RGB Lighting: A15 comes equipped with customizable RGB mode
  • It comes with a gaming grade sensor for quick movements and reflexes.
  • It also has extra durable switches and enhanced build quality to increase the durability of the mouse.

2) Ant Esports GM200W

Ant esports is a brand that recently came into existence and is offering the best to its customers. One of their shining product is the GM200W gaming mouse. Putting it simple and straight the weight of the mouse is 100 gms. This is a bit too heavy but the device is very efficient. Despite its heavy weight it never failed to satisfy its users. You can make adjustments in DPI in a range of between 800-3200. In total there are 6 fully programmable buttons. You can assign their roles by using a computer software. An important part of gaming mouse is RBG. You can select between 7 breathing light modes as per your choice.

  • Adjustable DPI buttons adjustable DPI level (3200, 2400, 1600, 800) can be switched in real time to change the speed of USB Gaming Mouse.
  • Excellent ergonomic contour & skin-friendly design – more comfortable contour design to keep your hand away from fatigue; unique skin-friendly material to ensure more comfortable hand-feeling.
  • Professional gaming engine -adopt new upgrade gaming mouse engine design-more precise and facile movement, to ensure your victory won’t be delayed.
  • Convenient to designed for convenient operation, plug and play no driver required.Compatible with WinXP, Win7/8/10, Vista7/8, Linux, and Mac OS. (Note: the side buttons are not available in Mac OS)
  • Reliable quality -Ant Esports hope to participate your every victory-5 millions times using lifespan for the left & right click button, 3 millions times using lifespan for the scroll wheel.

3) Quantum Snype 1.0

Next we have is Quantum Snype 1.0. i will be honest I am not a very big fan of this design. It looks like we are playing a game of a terminator in 1980s. but the reason to add this in our list of gaming mouse under 500 is because of its best performance and features. Their is a feature called sniper mode. In sniper mode you can change your DPI settings while playing they game as if you are sniping in an arcade game. The cable of length 1.8 meters is breaded an has a USB-type plug. Weight of mouse is around 170 grams. You don’t need to install any software. Just plug in the mouse and software will run itself. There are 7 breathing RGB light settings.

  • Snype is compatible with every major OS including Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP/98/2000, Mac, Linux, etc.
  • 7 customisable buttons to carry out simple and complex functions. Includes the DPI button as well which is crucial during any gameplay.
  • With adjustable DPI settings ( 1000/ 1600/ 2400/ 3200), you can tailor your settings as per your convenience.
  • The Sniper mode allows you to change your DPI settings mid-game.
  • The RGB colour effect with breathable technology really makes it a standout device while gaming or regular use.
  • The Snype boasts avant-garde external graphics which include an anti-skid scroll wheel, smooth Teflon padding for total control, led lights, rubber protector, 7 customisable buttons, to name a few. The colour combination compliments a gamer’s style.
  • The mouse consists of adjustable side weights (on both sides) which are removable. This helps you to use the mouse as per the weight that’s suitable for you.
  • The mouse has a 1.8m long braided cable which is long enough to provide you with absolutely zero space constraints. The connection is instant and there won’t be any lag.

4) HP M100

Hp M100 is the next affordable gaming mouse in out list. Since Hp is an extremely trusted brand and personally i am a very big fan of them. So It makes sense for me to include them in our list. Hp is very famous for its build quality and durability. Talking about HP M100. There are only 3 buttons in total including in the scroll button. Since their are very few buttons this is a problem for those who need more buttons on their mouse. But you still can control DPI settings with the help of software by attaching you mouse to pc. Weight of mouse is just 100 grams. The cable is of length 1.8 meters and is breaded too. I just mentioned this mouse here because of name HP. Although after considering its factors it is totally not worth buying. But if you are looking for a durable gaming mouse then this might be the perfect fit for you.

  • With or without a mouse pad, the mouse moves easily for precise optical tracking, use the scroll wheel for fast, precise tracking to navigate through your work effortlessly
  • Just plug the cord into your computer’s USB port and you’re ready to go
  • Adjust your DPI setting (1,000 and 1,600 DPI), high-definition optical sensor delivers smooth, responsive cursor control, so you can work with precision and confidence on a wide variety of surfaces
  • 3-buttons, scroll wheel (acts as third button)

5) Zebronics Zeb-Transformer

About this mouse, I have been planning to write about it for a very long time now. Finally we have our Zebronics Zeb-Transformer. This mouse has a very cool design. Amazing colour contrast. Also the braided cable of length 1.8 meters is very strong. The RGB cannot be controlled with an inbuilt software which pops up as soon as you plug in your mouse. With a wide range of DPI control settings you can totally dominate you gaming performance better than ever. Weight of device is 160 grams.

  • Zeb-Transformer-M is a Optical USB Gaming Mouse with 7 Colors LED Effect
  • It has Compact & Ergonomic Design. Cable type : Braided cable
  • It has High Quality Button,High Precision and Gold Plated USB
  • It includes Dedicated buttons for DPI,Forward and Backward
  • Interface : USB
  • Sensor : Optical
  • Power Consumption : DC 5V,<100mA
  • Button life : 2.5 Million Times
  • 1 year warranty-from the date of purchase.
  • ZEB-Transformer-M premium gaming mouse is designed for gamers who want the perfect fusion of high DPI, precision gaming along with LED lights.
  • Breathing LED- Your gaming is going to get LIT as the gaming mouse comes with 7 colors breathing LED
  • The ZEB-Transformer-M gaming mouse comes in an ergonomic design that provides comfort for long hours.
  • Works on most surfaces: The mouse is designed to work on all surfaces and comes with a plug and play installation where no additional softwares is required.
  • High Precision: The gaming mouse comes with six high quality buttons with a high precision DPI gaming sensor with 3200 DPI.
  • Dedicated DPI Switch: The gaming mouse has a dedicated DPI switch that can toggle between 1000/1600/ 2400/ 3200 DPI.
  • Dedicated forward & backward buttons: The gaming mouse comes with dedicated forward and backward buttons making it convenient for gamers to toggle.
  • Gold plated USB:The gaming mouse has a premium build and comes along with a gold plated USB for longevity.
  • Braided cable: The gaming  mouse comes with a long and strong braided cable tested for durability.
  • Works on all surfaces: The gaming mouse is designed to work on all surfaces and comes with a plug and play installation where no additional softwares is required.

So, Which Is the best?

Zebronics Zeb-Transformer is the best gaming mouse that you can get in this budget. i am saying this because it is full of features. Amazing design. I have used gaming mouse before. but this one is providing so much value at a very cheap rate. That is why i am saying If you do Want to buy a mouse this is the one you should go for.


So, which one did you like the most? Are you going to buy any one of these. Let me know in the comment section about you choice. If you have any stories to share or just want to start a healthy discussion feel free to use the comments area under the post. I would love to hear about your stories with one of these too.

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