When you have a tight budget, you don’t want to make mistakes in buying. Since headphones are very versatile. You get headphones with microphones, also some are specifically designed for studio use. There are also headphones specifically to make you gaming experience better. Whatever your needs are I will try to resolve all your doubts with the help of my list of top 5 best headphones that you get for price under 1500.

For 1500 you will get both types of headphones, wireless and wired. With my personal experience wired headphones perform better over wireless in this segment. But still we will talk about some wireless headphones which fit in your budget. For those who are more into gaming I suggest them to buy wired gaming headphones because of their low latency signal transfer.

There are many headphones you can get under this price range. only few of them are going to provide you the best quality that you are looking for. If you are more into listening music and prefer high bass. I have suggested some headphones with high bass for you in below sections too. So, I would suggest you to take some time and read the whole thing out. But incase if you are in a hurry. I will tell you the best option straight away.

The best headphone that you can get for price under 1500 is Sony MDR-ZX310AP. These wired sony headphones are worth it in every aspect. You can play bass music and also balanced musical themes on them. Also their wired connection and 40mm driver makes it good for gaming on both pc and mobile.


With that said let’s get started

Skullcandy Stim

Skullcandy stim is a very sleek and generous headphone design. These headsets are not for those who want to play games of listen to high bass music. Yes, you can play games with them without any problem. Also you can listen to music with them. But, the thing is that they are not game specified headphones so you can play games but can’t trust them for super game sense. Talking about the music you cannot expect very high bass boosted output. These headsets have very balanced audio quality. So you will love them if you are a generous music lover, but for bass lovers these are not suggested. These are more of like for listening to music with balanced sound output. These are recommended for studio and editing purposes.

  • Skullcandy
  • On-Ear headphones
  • Wired connection with 3.5mm jack
  • Skullcandy Stim headphones with Microphone
  • 40mm Audio Drivers

Boult Audio AirBass

Boult Red TWS

Secondly, we have boult audio airbass. These earbuds are suggested for those who like music in high bass. The build quality of these earbuds is amazing. Their audio output is very much efficient. You can also use them to answer calls or use voice commands for different activities as these are with microphone in-build. Since these are wireless earbuds they are quite handy for use. You can literally wear these and forget about their presence. If you like to listen to music when you are jogging or writing, these are totally your thing.

  • Boult Audio
  • In-Ear Form Factor
  • Wireless with bluetooth connectivity.
  • Boult Audio Airbass have in-built microphone.
  • 6mm drivers for in-ear earbuds

Sony MDR-ZX310AP

Next we have a brilliant headset by sony. These are the sony on-ear mdr-zx310ap. If I have to suggest then these are generally loved for listening to music, they have a very decent amount of bass which is perfect for all listeners. The sony headphones are very compact and can be even more compact because of foldable design.

You can fold them and carry along with you with a lot of ease. Audio quality of these headphones is overpowered. I literally loved using them myself. With inline microphone, you can control siri, google assistant, and etc without any problem. You can also answer calls on this headset. Play music and games or whatever you like. Buying these headsets and simply never any regrets case.

  • Sony headphones
  • On-ear Headphones
  • Wired headphones with best music experience
  • Headphones with Built-in Microphone.
  • 30mm drivers for good Audio Output

Boat Rockerz 550

I have also used Boat rockerz 450 before and they are totally a mess. I have never expected such a poor quality product from boat before. But, Boat Rockerz 550 is nothing like that. To be precise these are one of the best headphones you can get under price of 1500. You again get an in-built microphone with these headsets.

The audio input with them is very clear. You can use them for mobile gaming if you want to. It is ok to use them for gaming on mobile and pc. Boat rockerz 550 are over ear headphones which surround you ear completely. You can connect them with your device with both wired and wireless modes. If you want them for gaming connect aux with it. For casual use wireless is more convenient.

  • Boat Rockerz Headphones
  • Over-Ear Headphones
  • Both Wireless and Wired Connectivity Option Available.
  • Headphones with in-Built Mic.
  • 50mm Dynamic Drivers

Philips Audio TAT1225

Next comes the philips Audio earbuds. I have used philips wireless headphones before and I can say that they are totally reliable. In fact they were the best wireless headphones that I have ever used. One thing is clear these earbuds are having impressive audio quality. These are lightweight earbuds so wearing them is something very comfortable.

With their in-built mic you can use google assistant with ease. You can answer calls easily without bothering to take your phone out of pocket. The design is very strong and durable. once come to use they are going to last fo at least 2 years. On a single charge they can last upto 18 hours long playtime. This is very decent time of usage for any earbuds or headsets.

  • Philips Headphones
  • In-Ear Earbuds
  • Wireless connectivity with Bluetooth
  • Built-in Mic
  • 6mm Audio Driver


I know it is not usual to hear about toshiba headphones. But, toshiba makes headphones too. in fact these headsets are very amazing in there own way. These are basically over the ear headsets. You can use them for gaming without any problem at all. About audio, they have a balanced audio output. Which means you can experience good music in them but not high bass output is not there.

It is not recommended to use them for gaming because it don’t make any sense in that. Toshiba makes gaming headphones on seperate price range. So, I am very sure that gaming in these headphones is not very good. This headphone also have in-built microphone in it. To put it simple, toshiba made this headphone for casual usage nothing special. But, this is what makes it special.

  • Toshiba
  • Over the Ear Headphones
  • Both Wireless an Wired Headphone
  • Built-in mic
  • 30mm Audio Driver

Noise Buds VS201 V2

The first thing I want to say about them is that these earbuds are very lightweight. They are so lightweight that It might worry you a bit. but, it’s ok because noise has always made the right choice on the way things are. Similarly, these earbuds are also very effective because you can wear them for you work or fitness sessions they will be very calming always. The quality of audio that they have is also very amazing.

With these earbuds you also get a smart touch control enabled. You can activate siri or google assistant right from the buds itself. You can also use this feature to play and pause songs. It is ideally good to use them with your mobile phone to listen to music only. Because playing games with them could be difficult. You cannot expect any highly differentiated or detailed audio from them.

  • Noise earbuds
  • In-Ear Earbuds
  • Wireless connectivity
  • Built-in Mic
  • 5mm Audio Driver

So, Which is The Best?

The best headphone that you can get for price under 1500 is Sony MDR-ZX310AP. These wired sony headphones are worth it in every aspect. You can play bass music and also balanced musical themes on them. Also their wired connection and 40mm driver makes it good for gaming on both pc and mobile.


So, which one did you like the most? Are you going to buy any one of these. Let me know in the comment section about you choice. If you have any stories to share or just want to start a healthy discussion feel free to use the comments area under the post. I would love to hear about your stories with one of these too.

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