Ever since the time of industrial revolution. Tv’s have been a part of our everyday activity. Now a days they not just are used for a medium to convey a message to the audience but also as they are important for Transplanting thoughts. Transplanting thoughts? What does it mean? You probably are thinking the same thing. Well Let me take you to the beginning of TV’s. How are modern Tv’s way more advance than before. And how much have we advanced in this technology?

Enter the First Commercial Tv

The Story of tvs began in the year of 1926 when a 21 year old collage boy found a way to convert real life reflections into something comprehensible and convert it to a code to print image on screen. Before Him a Russian scientist tried the same ting but was probably not able to complete his research before Him.

After a year or two a USA based company named “General Electric” made the first prototype tv for commercial advantages. The name of the tv was OCTAGON and was not quiet like a tv though. It was made using mechanical rotational mechanism to display images on the screen. This tv use to look quiet huge with a screen of just 3 inches.

After a year later in 1929 a British company made a tv named “the bear tv”. Which became the first tv to be sold commercially. Only 1000 pieces were made and was sold for a big price of 26 pounds. 26 pounds may not sound enough but to be precise 26 pounds of 1929 equals 1,694.31 pounds of 2021 equals 1,73,768 INR of 2021. So the money was a big deal for this Tv. Soon enough companies realised that mechanical televisions are surpassingly outdated. Hence the development of the first electric tv begun in 1930. Since electric tv’s can provide better resolution.

Era of electronic televisions Begin

In 1938 a tv named Marconi 707 was launched. Considered as a compact tv at that time it just weighs around 100 kg. Pretty light Huh! It had a 7 inch screen and was able to project black and white images. Soon Company launched Marconi 702 which was considered as a luxury tv for the timing. This tv was designed in a way that the image was reflected to the viewer a through a mirror attached on to the tv. And the cost of this thing was 100 pounds.

After the end of world war 2 the market of televisions boomed. Population of USA was buying 100,000 tv per week Tv started to become a daily essential and very continuously evolving. in early 50s with the presence of colour tv. Market made a shift for black and white tvs as cheap and coloured ones as luxury. Industries related to mass communication started to establish. Tv channels. Tv stations begun to be privatised and people enjoyed watching tv as an activity for family gatherings.

Evolution of tv in India

During the time when the world was trying it’s best to advance in digital technology. Indian was lacking far behind advancement. Televisions were seen by us Indian in late 70s. They were so rare by this time period in localities that the family that owns a tv was technically considered rich. People use to gather at the house with tv just to watch their favourite tv show “Rangoli” which was casted once in a week on DD-National.

With her host as “Hema Malini” a former actor of Indian film Industry. Widely known as the dream girl she was an anchor in this show. Rangoli was a show which casted latest collection of Bollywood songs. The Show was casted once in a week on Sunday at 9 am even now “Rangoli” is their at DD-National and still is casted at 9 am sharp every Sunday. Rest of the week their were news on the tv. Since it was the beginning of this era. DD-National was the only television channel around. With advancement of time

After some years new shows for kids were introduced and the industry started to diversify. Now at this time new tv stations in India came into Existence and new advertisement industries got established. The era of Televisions boomed in India Lately around in year 2000. By now almost every home had a TV with them. Tv serials became popular among women and things changed with time. By now TVs became a key function of political manipulation. By transplanting thoughts in their minds about other political competitors. Parties ruled over decades. Now you might under stand what I meant by transplanting thoughts.

Change in design after year 2000

In early decade of the 2000 plasma tv’s came well known among the population. These plasma tv’s were more compact and have coloured picture on them. They were quiet easy to handle and were decently placed in houses. But not so long after that new technology arrived with even more compact technology and were much more gorgeous in comparison with their picture quality with plasma tv’s. Enter the new LED tv’s. These were the ones so called “the luxury”. These tv’s were just around 5 mm thick and sure were fascinating. Samsung was the company which launched their first led tv in India.

Future of TVs

We have already been familiar with the nature of humans. Also we have just gone through previous shifts in television technology. So to predict future all we need to do is judge human nature. Ever since the industrial revolution. Humans have developed technology and are able to Improve from their pervious mistakes. We have always urged to make things more portable more convenient and more easy to use. On behalf of this their may be a time when tv’s wont exist in physical form.

What I mean? I mean let’s suppose humans find a way to make atoms vibrate at individually different vibrations. Bu doing this we can make same thing look different with shift in their colour. Maybe we have newspapers some time with real moving images which gets live updated. Maybe you’ll be able to vibrate wall molecules to generate images and sound and certainly whole wall is your tv.

This sounds unbelievable. But I totally think that we are closer to such tech than we think. We are already able to Use atoms are a computational unit and are able to keep a record of their precise positioning. Maybe we soon be able to make them move as we wish and here we are humans are on another league.

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