So How VR works?

Firstly, I hope you all are safe and healthy at your homes streaming through games, series, movies etc. Technology has brought a vivid experience in our lives transforming it exponentially. It has not only added a new meaning to us but also saved our lives in these hard times. How vr Works

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Moreover, at the point of this no contact hour, we can’t afford to enjoy a holiday or adventure so we stick ourselves to our screens. Just imagine how wonderful it would be travelling through the magical worlds of our gaming heroes, enjoying their adventure. From taking a gigantic rollercoaster ride to fighting a space war! From dancing to our own virtual disco to travelling to the magical cities of El Dorado.

Got carried away? However, you can fulfil this dream can be true sitting in your own room. Thanks to the tech nerds who are constantly innovating our lives with the touch of technology. And it is their effort that we are seeing a  milestone in Visual Technology. This milestone is called virtual reality or VR. Lets get a deep dive that how VR works.

The VR technology

Projecting a new virtual world to us is a game of many hardware and software components. They include optical lenses, micro thermal and motion sensors, 3D projection software, headphones, and camera projection technology. If this doesn’t explains you about working of vr

VR headsets are simply devices that use the gyroscopic technology to configure a centre and then they adjust accordingly. Moreover this is the very reason that our videos move according to our movements.

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