Mankind has witnessed much more of diseases and viral spread throughout the globe way more than it ever did in all its history. Specially in these recent years. We all were forced to stay in our boundaries for precoitional reasons.  Nothing like this has ever happened before. A pandemic at such a scale has confirmed that upcoming future might be brighter, but it will also come at a cost. At cost of health. So much pain, suffering and futility has made us more precautious than ever.

                   But what could we do to prevent health issues? We cannot totally avoid but at least we can try it right? We all do invest in something, right from the start of our 20s. Some Invest in property, some in crypto and some in mutual funds. But almost nobody among us is interested to Invest on health and safety measure. You might be thinking the same thing that how could you possibly invest on health,

                  Well lucky for you because I have created a list of top 5 ways that you can invest in your health. Everything included in our list is intended to improve your lifestyle. So that you can live your life in a very efficient and happy manner.

1) Fitness Bands

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         Fitness bands are arguably the most effective and important companion when it comes to your health and fitness. So, they are the best way to invest on health. They don’t only count your number of steps but do much more than that. You can measure you heart rate as with heart rate monitoring. Some good watches also have a feature to measure your blood oxygen saturation percentage which is also commonly referred as SpO2 monitoring.

Interesting fact: Fitness trackers affect the mood of user, as in they motivates person to get the best out of him and push their limits

         Yes, it is not the most ideal thing to buy for fitness. But it does seriously monitor your efficiency so that you can know how far you have to reach. Also, they make your life easier by various smart features embed inside them. For example, women can track or predict their menstrual cycles, this is efficiently helpful to make or modify their plans.

2) Health Insurance

          Now if you are somewhat extra ordinary wealthy person, you might not need one. But for health’s sake I would suggest you to have one. The reason being simple nobody knows about the uncertainty of life. Of you go and use a public toilet there is a great chance that you will get infected by some disease. I hope this doesn’t happen. But no one knows what comes next. Most of the times patient who needs medical assistance of age 20-25 are mostly out of a health insurance. If you think that you don’t earn money, yet I would suggest you understand that you can get health insurance at much cheaper price as you can’t even think of.

3) Air Fryer

Note that India’s obesity rate is not very high but, if you get fat, it is not your countries responsibility to get you back in shape. Ultimately its you who have to make a call for your health. Getting an air frier not only prevents extra calories to enter your body but also it can save your fuel and time. As you don’t have to stand on the thing to continuously stir it. In the meantime, you can focus on other activities that mater you the most. With slow cooking process of air frier, fats get melted and they help cooking food firmly and are responsible for browning in air friers.

4) Health Supplements

I am not saying you to eat up a pack of steroids to build muscles or run like a cheetah. What you should Invest on is health supplements. What are those? Well basically they are supplementary pills often originated from Ayurveda which help you retain minerals that are crucial but difficult to attain for body. If you think that you don’t need any of these, listen up. Almost everything our body consumes is impure. Whether it is air, water, milk even meat is processed. It is necessary to add these things in food to preserve them. But in a way slowly they have started to affect our body. That is where these health supplements come into play. They can detoxify our body on regular basis. Which is the reason I suggest you start consuming them. For example, you might have hear of MNCs like Amway and Modicare. They sell extremely well health supplements. And both are trusted even I am using them myself since years.

5) Dumbbells

           It is 21st century and not everyone can afford to pull extra time out of their schedule and start going to gym. Some people work in night shifts they simply have no time to go to a gym and stay in good shape. But dumbbells are something mobile. Something you can carry along and whenever you get time. You can get time you can work out. In fact, having dumbbells along or close with you will always encourage you to workout and this is a very effective strategy for living a healthy lifestyle.

6) Yoga Mat

Why Yoga mat right? As suggested with dumbbells you can carry them, but let’s be honest with each other it is still not possible to take it on a trip, right? But a yoga mat is a different story in itself. You can carry it along with much more ease. You can travel to a hill station and carry it along with you. Dumbbells are heavy but yoga mats are light weight, compact and foldable. But, why yoga? It is because it is the most effective and healthy way to stay fit. If you are overweight, try yoga and you will get my point.

These are not the only possible investments beneficiary for your health. You can also plant aloe vera at home. Buy a hand grip training tool to strengthen your grip and the list continues. What are your resolutions about staying healthy?

       Are you going to opt a healthy lifestyle? Tell me in the comments that which one of these you found to be most appealing. Are you going to buy something from the list? If you have already bought something among these what was your experience regarding the product. I would love to hear your thoughts.

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