Humanity has suffered a lot lately. In fact there has never been such a high death rate In india since centuries. It was like an instinct to take a bath and washing out clothes ourselves lately.Although the Time was tough but we all learnt a very important lesson. That is the value of our health. For the matter of fact we have never been this continuous about our health and fitness

                With this their is a total shift in our new normal. What do I mean? well you are going to find out very soon. We all have to opt a very new lifestyle which is totally health focused. We cannot remove technology from out lifestyle. S why not we use it to improve our health. I have Created a list of 5 best of the investments you can make an live healthier life than ever. Good Enough? Let’s Go.

1) Air Fryer

        Let’s face a fact we all love fried food. Even if we know it is not good in long terms still we love it right? but we have to something regarding this issue. Consuming fired food is never a good hait. Instead to avoid problems why not switch to air fryers. It is true that they don’t taste as good as deep fried, but a little compromise could really save your live. Food in an air frier not only in less un healty but is also energy saving. Since you eat food prepared by air frier most of the unsaturated fats are avoided and hence makes it a convenient way of fring. 

2) Fitness Bands

band in dark
Green colour light band

        According to World Health Organisation almost 13% of worlds population is obese. This might not sound like a very big number to you, But, Think of it as in a gathering of every 10 people at least 1 is always overweight. This does not means rest are full of Absolute Fitness. Note that average life span use to be 70 years (year 2000). Now in india it is just 50 years of age! This is something which must not be ignored. Every year we make resolutions to stay fit but you know why we fail? Most of the times it is proper fitness motivation or equipments. If you have a fitness band it gives you a sense of motivation to get in shape. When you achieve your desired goal it feels like a reward. These are just some practical things that do work with me. And being a fitness band its main function is to monitor your performance. It is useful to keep a track of your health conditions. Which in my eyes is  avery good thing. Fitness band is something I would highly suggest you to buy. 

3) Vegetable and Fruit Detoxifier 

      Time is everything. Farming of fruits and vegies take a lot of time if we grow them with natural resources. That is why to save time farmers use fertilizers for their crops. Now is it good for health or not? Answer is not they are bad for our health in a long term. As a solution of this problem. Now a days a product is being very infamous called a fruit and vegetable detoxifying machine. Companies state that this machine is capable of removing harmful chemicals from food. I’m not sure if they actually work or not. But, If they do, It really is good deal for health. After all health really is our number one priority. 

4) Health Insurance

       This point is pretty much explanatory by itself but many people just don’t understand on thing. If you have reached in your 20s you should really start your insurance. Because simply life is very uncertain, maybe you are very rich and don’t really need anything like that. But I will still say that you must have one. Incase you suddenly need money having as health insurance is a very wise decision. It is quick and very reliable. With money their are a lot formalities you need to compensate for. It will be a very good thing if you never get to use your insurance. But, to be ready for the unfavourable it is a good practice. Life insurance is something as cheap as 500 per month so you can afford it if you can read this.

5) Blood Pressure Monitor

       I have personally seen this happening like a number of times that when someone needs to check their BP(Blood Pressure) Often it is at night and clinics are closed. This is when having a BP machine at your home could be a very great thing. In some cases it could be able to save a life from a very datal ending. BP machine don’t cost you a big amount but it is very crucial in my vision. If you wish to buy try buying a digital Blood Pressure machine. 

      Most of the times people just read text think a bit and then forget about it. What I want is that you take action on these. Buy these things If you do have money. As mentioned earlier, These are one of the best ways to invest in your health. So, are you going to take action or not? I personally have an air fryer at home along with a fitness band and my health insurance is also done. rest I am planning to buy soon. Which one you think is most reliable according to you. Let me know in the comments. 

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