iPad, it is so amazing to see that this particular series of apple products is popular than ever. But the reason behind this massive success is that because, iPads are way more versatile than any other product out there. With their rapid growth in time. iPad has got a seat of essentiality in professionalism. Every year apple launches it’s brand new, better than ever, more charming, more good-looking iPad. Recently on 14th of September 2021 apple organised an event in which they announced brand new iPad 9th generation with jaw dropping features and specs.

       The reason behind success of this company is totally customer friendly products they make and to be honest this newly launched iPad do reflect this mindset for sure. How? Well, I would suggest you to stay tuned and find it out yourself. iPad has always been a product which can fulfil their customer needs to the point. You need a laptop it becomes one, you need a phone it becomes one, you need a tv it becomes one, and much more. Weather you want to listen to music watch videos whatever it is or see your fitness records. All can be done without a problem. But what stands out the most in iPad 9th generation is the latest A13 Chip.

A13 Bionic Chipset

       Under the packet of this awesome product comes a completely an outstanding A13 Bionic Chipset. This is not just a new regular update, but it pushes iPad to an even next level of its limits. There is no doubt that this has passed the limits of fast working A12 from previous year.

     Company claims that A13 offers 20% faster performance at every aspect of the chip. Impressive right? Not just this but it is also claimed this latest iPad is 3x faster than the current best-selling Chromebook and 6x faster than the current bestselling android tablet. For whatever reason you intend to buy it, you will be happy for sure. You will get high fps gaming, elite level of editing and drawing experience too. Because of the more powerful neural engine of A13 offers next generation machine learning.

      With upgraded Image Signal processor in A13, images captured are far more than just sharp, crisp and clear.

Camera upgrades

        The major upgrade which interests me the most is that we are going to get a front camera of 12MP ultrawide with a field of view of 122 degrees. Because of the addition of ultrawide camera. It enables a very popular/ useful feature from previous iPad Pro. That is CenterStage. 


        With CenterStage live interactive sessions become much more effective than usual. It is a High-performance AI system that helps the camera trace the user and tracks along. Not just motion, if the number of subjects increase so does the camera adjusts itself. Amazing, isn’t it? Whatever video conferencing app you are using CenterStage works perfectly in every aspect of that. Now one thing is for sure CenterStage is not just useful for video conferencing. You can also record your videos to add on social platforms like tiktok or Instagram reels. It is just the right thing for a future star to opt.

True tone

      Another new feature that makes this iPad way more user friendly than ever is True Tone. It is another automated AI program. It adjusts the display to the colour temperature of your room giving you a very comfortable viewing experience. This in my views is a very generous intent to enhance user experience and is totally amazing above all.

 new Ipad os 15

     iPad OS 15 is the right thing to make user experience just a bit more comfortable. It is like their product OS is designed to improvise user and brand affection towards each other. Isn’t that obvious? One of the many features they revealed in launch event is that you can add personalised widgets on the top of your apps. Which make iPad more Customisable. New quick note feature makes it much more easier to take note on any window you are experiencing. Also there are some more features which makes multitasking more easy and convenient than ever.

      If you are worried about it working with previous accessories. You can still use apple 1st generation pencil without any problem at all. You can use mould in whatever way you like, and it will not be any problem.

    Above all the most important thing is pricing at which we will get it right. They announced that All New iPad 9th generation will get shipped at just 329 USD and for schooling or other educational purposes, you will get it at just 299 USD. Orders are open are shipping will start in around a week. In India It will cost about 30,000 INR. After complete billing it will come at around 45,000 INR.

   Delivery in India are starting from 1st October 2021 onwards, that is if you order today.


          What are your thoughts regarding this product? Are you going to buy iPad 9th generation with A13 Bionic Chip Set or not? Make sure to tell me in the comments. If you are pleased to buy one. What are you going to do with it? For what purpose. Are you a student or a professional? Write down in the comments below. What part did you loved the most above all?

            Personally, speaking I can wait to put my hands on one of the and try out the CenterStage feature. Since we are getting a very cost-efficient beast. I will try to buy apple pencil along with it too. I would love to hear your opinion on launch event. If you have any other suggestions, please let me know I will try to make changes if possible. Currently latest launched apple products are not available on amazon.in but only on apple.com/in

             If there are still some questions in your mind, I would love to answer you and clear your doubts for sure. In recent event iPad is one of the many surprises that apple gave to its audience. Apple has never failed to amaze its customers with amazing products and their performance. This is the core reason why people trust this brand too much at a global scale. With that said, see you later.

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