Before Jio fiber, Reliance Jio first launched it’s SIM in 2016 was literally loved by people of India. Back then Jio provided its customers 1GB of daily data for free straight for about a whole year. Even till the date people are regular customers of jio services. For the matter of fact amongst all biggest internet or calling service providers Jio holds one of the biggest share in market of around 400+ Million dollars.

Pie Chart of Market share of reliance jio in comparison with other internet service providers.

Sounds kind of outstanding right? well that’s the growth of Mr. Mukesh Ambani’s reliance Jio pvt. Ltd. with just one successful product of Jio SIM. But, recently Jio has launched, It’s latest product called Jio Fiber. Now a lot of people are Still confused regarding what Jio Fiber actually is? Jio fiber is the an internet broadband or WLAN connection like other service providers do Like Airtel( Airtel Xtream). Also referred as jio wifi.

But since the outstanding satisfaction of jio SIM people have high hopes for Jio Fiber (or jio wifi) as well. We have researched regarding Jio Fiber speed, Connection and recharge plans. Also we have asked for reviews from other Jio uses. Since I myself am not a user of fiber yet I asked for Suggestions and here is what I Found.

Jio Recharge Plans

Since Jio is more of a public eccentric company it’s recharge plans are often below average right from the beginning. But when I took a check on their website I found out that their are many recharge plans. starting from Rs. 399 to Rs 8499 including gst. sounds crazy right? Don’t make a judgement too quickly. Because you are not aware about all the plans yet. But one thing is common that all of these plans offer Jio unlimited data plan. Even though unlimited their is some limit for all these ranges likewise it is commonly referred to be 3333GB.

Jio fiber latest and most popular recharge plans
Jio Fiber popular recharge plans

Rs. 399 per month

Firstly, lets start with the most basic one which is Rs. 399 per month. With this monthly plan you will get a basic subscription of amazon prime, amazon prime music, Disney plus hotstar (VIP) and some general jio service apps like jio savan, jio tv, etc. If you ask me this plan is the one I say as outstanding for general binge watchers.

Rs. 999 per month

Secondly, We have plan of Rs. 999 per month which is actually the one I recommend the most for you If you use a Smart tv like I do. It is often suggested to buy a pan with high FUP(Fair Usage Price) as mentioned before. Because this plan offers very decent speed and good amount of data at an affordable price range it is ideally good. So this literally is Ideal for smart tv users and also students stuck with online classes.

Rs.1499 and above per month

Finally, we are talking about plans with amount Rs. 1499 or higher up till Rs. 8499. So what is up with these plans why are their price range so above the grounds. the Reason being simple because along with other OTT platforms. In plan with 1499 you get a Basic Netflix subscription and with 8499 you get the premium one of course speed and bandwidth is better too. Amongst all the one that I prefer the most is Rs. 999 as mentioned before.

JioFiber plan nameMonthly rentalInternet speedsFUP Data limitUnlimited callsOTT Apps
BronzeRs 39930 Mbps3,300 GBIncludedAmazon pime an hotstar
SilverRs 699100 Mbps3,300 GBIncluded Amazon pime an hotstar
GoldRs 999150 Mbps3,300 GBIncluded11 Apps worth Rs 1,000 per month
DiamondRs 1,499300 Mbps3,300 GBIncluded12 Apps worth Rs 1,500 per month
Diamond+Rs 2,499500 Mbps4,000 GBIncluded12 Apps worth Rs 1,500 per month
PlatinumRs 3,9991 Gbps7,500 GBIncluded12 Apps worth Rs 1,500 per month
TitaniumRs 8,4991 Gbps15,000 GBIncluded12 Apps worth Rs 1,500 per month
Jio Fiber Recharge Plan

Jio Fiber Connection

Since the fiber was launched on 9 sept, 2019 and it have been 2 years so almost majority of our country is covered in Jio service web. which means their is almost no city, town or school where their is any internet connectivity issue. Even though their are times when due to either very bad weather internet is not working. In that cane you don’t need to worry because you will receive a message by the company. Where they will tell you about the reason of inconvenience and the time period to fix it. Oftenly such issues are resolved within an Hour. So their customer service is good.

Installation Service

You might be having some thoughts regarding installation procedure. Just contact to Jio for buying a connection they will contact you and send the installation technician along. But what about price? How much do they charge? Well they don’t charge you any extra money for installation. Hence it is free of cost or already included in the plan. But in case they as you for a fee. call jio customer care number. Since their might be some communication error involved they will fix the issue immediately.

Internet Speed

Here comes our most important aspect of discussion that is the internet speed they offer. Now, for starters internet speed goes better as far as you go higher in price range. The cheapest internet plan Rs. 399 offers internet speed of 30 MBPS which is surprisingly low for 2021 necessities. Whereas the plan worth of Rs. 699 has speed of 100 MBPS.

Now if you can afford which you should I suggest plan with Rs. 999 has internet upload and download speed of 150 MBPS. 100 MBPS is a very decent amount of internet browsing speed but 150 MBPS will make a clear difference. Again it is Important for up rising needs for 21st century that is high speed browsing. Although the Plan worth Rs. 8499 has unbelievable speed of 1 GBPS. That really is fast.

For the record to under stand how fast is 1 GBPS with wired broadband connection if you run a test at google it will show you speed of 950 MBPS Which is pretty very good. But is it worth it? I would say No, Why Because this much of speed is generally not required for everyday needs. Unless their are some special conditions like in case of gamers. Rest for sure go for plans Like 699 or 999.

Jio camera on mobile feature

Yes this is something new which jio has recently launched in its jio apps. Where you can do video calls through your televisions without using having a physical webcam attached to it. Instead you can use your phone camera to transmit videos to your television then to you viewers. the feature is available on JioJoin app. This feature was launched in beginning of august 2021 with this facilitating students for online classes.

While connected on a call you might face some buffer or lags. To counter this try to change your wifi bandwidth to 5 GHz

jio customer care number

Their might be various reasons you need to contact jio customer care number. But the thing to note down is that with different needs, reasons and expectancies you need to contact jio at different numbers. Don’t worry I got you covered.

For new jio plans1860-893-3333
For data usage, recharge info, etc1991
For Queries199
For Complaints198
Calling from Non Jio number1800-889-9999
Tele-verification to activate both HD voice & data services1977
For support on International Roaming (accessible only when roaming abroad)+917018899999 (non toll-free number)
Jio Fiber Helpline1800-896-9999
Enterprise Mobility Service1800-889-9333
Enterprise Connectivity Services & Business Solutions1800-889-9444
New Business Connection1800-889-9555
Device Care helpline(Jio Phone, LYF mobile, etc)1800-890-9999
Online shopping1800-893-3399(on available between 9am to 9pm)
Jio customer Care Number


With all this covered I feel that jio fiber is a good choice for internet services. Since it offers a decent speed at a cheap range. But that is just one prospective to see it. Tell me in the comments that what do you think about this jio latest service is it worth it or not? Are you going to apply for it?

If you have any unanswered query I would love to hear it in comments. You can also share this with the ones for whom this piece of information be crucial. we do post regular interesting content like this here. So to stay updated follow us on Twitter and facebook.

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