Let me see you have an old tv which is probably not an android or smart tv. Or, maybe you just brought a big LED screen tv which is not smart and want to save money by making it smart later on. If this is the case I have a perfect gadget for you. Mi has previously launched its Mi Tv Stick. What stick? It is a device that is used to convert a normal non smart or no android tv to a smart android tv.

Yes, it is true you can literally plug this Mi Tv stick dongle like device into your tv. And make it a smart android tv. With this technology you will be able to use android applications like youtube on your tv. The price of this device in india is around Now, That is cool right? If this interests you, so, let us begin.


Almost every application you wish to have in your tv is already in there. YOu will get these applications preinstalled in you mi tv stick.

  • Youtube
  • Amazon Prime
  • Disney plus Hotstar
  • Netflix
  • Google Play Movies
  • Spotify

One thing you must know is that even if you are not having your desired applications pre-installed you can download them from Google Play Store. yes, You will get google play store preinstalled in the tv stick. Anything that you would like to do with your tv it is already in there.

Not just this but there are games as well. you will get a few pre installed games there too. Which can be played with remote itself like beach buggy. Some do need a gamepad though. Basic gaming works well. But heavy ones are a problem. Frankly speaking don’t expect any gaming from this because this is simply not something made for that tasks.


This is something you should know before you consider buying this Mi Tv Stick. You can only connect wireless bluetooth devices because there are no ports. Yes, Mi tv stick will make your tv smart and more android but It is not going to make your tv transform in to a new form. You will not get to attach any usb or any ethernet cable at all. You can only connect bluetooth devices and for internet you can connect it with wifi or mobile data.

Since the motive of this device is to make non smart tv a smart android tv. We can ignore the fact of connectivity issues. But, If you do want that you tv becomes smart and you can plug different cables in it too. Then you should go for Smart Tv Boxes. Like Mi Tv Box which basically does the same thing but also you can connect ethernet, USB and many more which make it more convenient.


Since Mi Tv Stick is something that is going to stay behind you tv. Because of this you cannot use a regular infrared operated remote. That is why the remote you will get with tv stick is not infrared but it is bluetooth operated. Which means even if you don’t point towards your tv. Even if you cannot see you receiver it will still work.

What about the features on that remote. Their is a home button to lead you back to home. Then a back button is also their. You might be thinking about the dedicated application buttons. So are there any? Yes there are. You will get dedicate buttons for amazon prime video and Netflix. Their is also a dedicated button to activate google voice commands search.

Is Mi Tv Stick Worth Buying

To answer this question you must understand one thing. This is a budget friendly way to make your non smart tv a smart android tv. That part this device is a super good. It will totally give you all the important functions that you want to have in your tv. You can use youtube, amazon prime videos, Netflix, and etc. But if you want to connect ethernet and usb cables for that go for Smart Tv Box.

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