Monitor vs TV are both very similar in terms of functionality. Or I can say that It seem like they are similar. Obviously after reading this article you will understand some new key differences. You will come to know that even with their same looks they really are not similar.

Even if they look a like. The tech is totally different. Their is quiet a good possibility that you are thinking to replace your pc monitor with a big tv or something. Well I would rather say that hold your horses.
It’s true that a monitors are much more responsive than a tv. But, they still aren’t so suitable for replacing a tv. They just can’t take it. Similar is the case of TVs replacing monitors. Let’s start with monitor vs tv.

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Design Specifications

Monitors are designed to watch things from close position. Whereas Tvs are having specified viewing distance for different sizes. Means that if you try ti watch it from a closer distance it will effect your eyes Severely. Perhaps you might have already made your mind up that bith of the things have separate places but still. Their are much more things to be familiar with before making a move.

Display Issues

When we think to have a monitor as our tv we forget about one thing. That is the pixel burn warranty. What is pixel burn? When we watch tv the logo of the channel remains unchanged for long enough. And if we decide to watch a movie it will make our display stuck with a specific logo.

What happens is that he pixels imparting colours of logo or the water mark of your dish will keep emitting the same thing for hours straight. The pixels of that area will burn very fast. To counter this problem tv manufacturing companies provide a display pixel burn warranty. Whereas monitors don’t need such thing because image keeps on changing.

Response Rate

People use their pcs for gaming, entertainment and work. But talking precisely about gaming, We need fast refresh rate and Lower response time or lesser latency. If a tv is replacing a pc for gaming purposes. Then It must be noted that tv’s are for entertainment. They have nothing to do with their response time. They will certainly give you an additional latency of 50-60 ms. But, Monitors are made for low latency so they are quick hence they provide a latency of just 3-4 ms.

Their is quiet a very good chance that you don’t want a screen which is specifically Suitable for gaming but. But since we are comparing monitor with a tv this fact of latency must not be Ignored.


when you replace your current led monitor with a 32 inch tv. The video quality will be not good at all. Although it is a 720p resolution tv. But still it is made to watch from a distance. For an instance you will see everything blurred If observed from watching distance of a monitor. So These were simple Issues you will have to counter if you wish to use your tv a a monitor or vice versa.

Generally a Tv I much bigger as comparison with a monitor. Which create another problem that we cannot use our computer with a Tv. Since we have to sit close to the screen That’s why we cannot operate a tv as a monitor for a computer.

Picture Quality

Since tv is made for entertainment purposes. They always offer a brilliant picture Quality with outstanding contrast ratio. Black look perfect black and whites are total whites. Bu monitors are just displays to do your work. they are not too calibrated to show high contrast variations. all they can offer is a good visual display. Nothing personal with the colours. But monitors totally don’t give a damn about image quality.

Best for PC?

Only for a some specific scenario like you are a movie video editor you should go for a Tv with your pc. Because your main priority would be colours and tv will do the job perfectly. For normal gaming you can go for TVs because you might be searching for a great 4k gaming display. But for competitive gaming always seek to high performance gaming monitors. Only they will give you lesser latency and high refresh rates. I hope you got the answer. For more informative content stay like monitor vs tv in touch with

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