We all agree that televisions are a big deal now. I mean see how much have the changed in last few years. All normal led tv are getting replaced with smart tv. We used to have those huge plasma tvs and suddenly LCDs come in and take the lead. Afterwards all 4k then Oled, Qled, and it keeps on going. But what about the next innovations hen tvs start getting smart.

We got to know about smartphones in year of around 2009 maybe. But now, smartphones are everywhere.In the same manner smart tvs and android tvs have taken charge in last few years. But, the problem with them is that they are not very cheap. So, this is where I come into play. I am going to tell you a 3 ways by which you will be able to turn your normal tv into a smart or android tv. So stay tuned.

1)Fire Stick

A very famous way to turn your tv into smart tv or an android tv, Fire sticks are sold in market. You might have heard about Amazon fire tv stick. By plugin a fire stick to your very ordinary tv you can make it a smart tv. By smart tv I mean that. you will be able to run youtube on tv. Amazon prime netflix and much more will be available too. But Amazon is not the only company that makes fire sticks. Their are many more companies like Xiaomi redmi, etc.

So, now we know that this fire stick can make our tv smart which is very good. But, still their are some problems with it. 1 Which I wan to put under the spotlight is that you cannot attach external cables or ethernet. This is a very big problem. If you can compensate without cables then it is good to go. But you will be missing out on something huge that’s for sure.

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One big benefit that you will be getting is that fire sticks are cheap I mean you will literally be able to afford it at a genuinely cheap rate. this is the main reason why so many people prefer to buy one.

2)Smart Tv Box

Now, what are smart boxes right? basically they are small devices with various connection ports which can be used to convert your normal tv into smart tv. You might have heard of Apple tv. They are always a little expensive, Because of this people generally avoid buying these gadgets. If we compare amazon fire stick or any other brand fire stick with smart tv box.

I would say these smart tv box are always up in the lead. Why because of this simple reason. They are simply more than just another video player. They have their own channels. Where you can watch endless amount of videos. Adding more to this, Let us take an example of Airtel Extreme. With Airtel Extreme you can surf videos on youtube, amazon prime videos, and also Netflix. But, what additional to it is that you will also get DTH in build connection. So, you don’t have to buy different set top box for your television.

They also over take fire sticks because they have connectivity options like USB, Ethernet and much more. these are what makes you regular television truly intelligent. now you see why I prefer these over fire stick?

Only disadvantage they have and which cannot be covered is that their wires keeps on in tangling and often creates a mess. Since we cannot solve this problem as whenever there are wires there is a mess. To be honest if I were to choose among these two I would definitely go For 2nd one. Their are many other companies that make smart boxes too. Like Xiaomi, Airtel, Apple, and etc.

What do you think?

Are you planning to buy one yourself or not? If you have any doubts please let me know I would be happy to help you in the comment section. But, I am curious to know which one did you like the most I am always into smarty boxes and fire sticks are just not the thing I would Pick. If you have any personal opinion or thought to share feel free to use the comment section. I would be very happy to answer your comments.

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