Redmi has launched back to back tvs for Indian market. One of them is Xiaomi Tv Redmi x50. Tv looks are fabulous, To be honest this Redmi tv is my best choice until now, Why? you’ll get it. So the tv comes in 3 dimensions 55 inch, 50 inch and 65 inch. With both vivid and IPS panel.

You know what the best part is, all these are 4k android smart tv’s. This means no matter which one is your preference you will get a stunning display resolution. build quality is awesome their are a few things regarding sound which concern me. Don’t worry we will go step by step and understand everything.

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  • Resolution 3840×2160 4K
  • Display type LED
  • Refresh Rate 60 Hz
  • Dolby Vision
  • Speaker 30W
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • 3 HDMI ports


Just like mi 4a pro this tv also comes in both VA panel and IPS panel. Based upon your luck you can get any one of these. But let’s do some honest talk. No matter what display panel you are using ultimately your picture quality is the one that matters the most. And believe me this tv has the ultimate 4k resolution what else you do expect in this price. Now 60 Hz of refresh rate might not be enough for a competitive gamer but still its a good choice.

Remote functionality

Now the remote of Redmi x50 tv comes with a mute button too. It is not a dedicated mute button. Since Redmi wants minimum button on remote. So if you double press volume down button it will mute the tv. Although sometimes you just wanna volume down and it will mute up. This will take time to be habitual to. Now this remote also have a dedicated button for both amazon prime and Netflix. It is more convenient too have these right!


Since Xiaomi redmi x50 tv has an integrated Patch wall version 3. This makes this tv very interesting. Because Patchwall is a custom build OS by Xiaomi Redmi. This android smart tv will also have patchwall inbuilt applications. Since we have Dolby visual integrated their is a separate dedicated section for movies, sports, kids shows, web series and much more. We have to say that Redmi Literally know how to make its customers happy and make them feel they have got value for their money.


  • Because of integrated patch wall Dolby vision and HDR+. We get so much in just a tv that maybe we won’t find it any where else.
  • You can use your tv as a central control unit if you have a Redmi electronic surrounding. That means you can control all from your TV.
  • It comes with mirror cast so you can mirror your android device on your Tv.
  • Google voice control is also built in so you can control it from your remote by just speaking isn’t it amazing.


  • The only thing which is a conspiracy is that the sound quality which it is providing is not as good as it was expected. Not saying it is bad it is quite a good deal for a budget smart tv. But still since Mi’s previous Tv models hopes have gone higher. So I would seriously suggest you to go and get some Sound bar for optimum experience.

So this was it make sure to tell me if you are going for it or Dump it. If their are any left over queries as us in the comment section. We will love to answer you about that.

Worth Buying Or Not?

If you ask me then what I believe is that this tv is totally worth buying. That is due to one very big reason, affordability. This tv is both affordable as well as full of features. Especially it is a 50+ inches tv with 4k resolution. Such tv at price of just ₹40,000 is truly a good deal.


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