Screen Resolution, you might have heard about this term quite a lot of times. But don’t know what it means right? Now In this article i have made a very comprehensive and detailed explanation about everything you would like to know about. If you are even a little in the Tech world you must have head about Screen resolution. Moreover, people often say that screen resolution refers to the picture quality, And to be honest. That’s not quite the case.

This is because screen resolution mainly accounts with pixel count. In this article I will be answering following questions…….

Screen Resolution Meaning

Lets Assume that your particular Mobile has screen with display quality of 720p. Now 720p is actually 720 pixels, this is the standard HD screen you will get in market. 720p Actually means 1280×720 pixels. To breakdown this nomenclature Lets assume a screen of A×B pixels, This means there are “A” number of pixels in a horizontal row and “B” number of pixels in a vertical column. Therefore in standard HD screen there are 1280 pixels in a horizontal row and 720 pixels in a vertical column. Similar manner goes for all other pixel variations.

There is a chance that the screen resolution of laptop, your mobile and TV are HD or simply are similar. Now if the Resolution has fixed number of pixels then how is same resolution available in all three devices despite of their variable sizes?. . . . . .

Screen Sizes Variation

To explain resolution to screen size variation or different screen resolution sizes. Let me give you an example of something what you might have noticed. We while watching Tv we move near it be usually note that our image breaks down into small spots of colour. but this thing actually never happens in case of mobiles. So why is it so? What makes that difference? You might have guessed answer is pixel size!

Yes that’s right. In standard HD screen there are 1280 pixels in a horizontal row and 720 pixels in a vertical column but for a screen as big as a Tv. We needed Bigger Pixels. As Tv is A device we observe from a distance, A larger pixel size is ok. But for mobiles we need small pixels to fit in that space. That’s why you will see that a movie of 720p looks amazing on a mobile but is blurry on pc.

What should I prefer?

As we discussed earlier That the screen size of mobile shows 720 p perfectly but for pc and Tv it might be an issue. So for a screen of 5-6 inches I would say that you should buy a screen with 720p or 1080p. It will hardly be a difference for human eyes. But I would suggest you if you are considering to buy a Laptop then Go At lest for HDR. And For Tv’s go for 4K al least this is the necessity you should follow. But, there is a catch if your viewing distance is not so far only then go for higher resolutions otherwise you can use 720p or 1080p. For this you must know what’s your screen size? too. But, What is this HDR, FULL HD< 8K and all…..

Common Nomenclature Of Screen Resolutions

s no.Common NameResolution
1SD640×480 pixels
2HD1280×720 pixels
3FULL HD1920×1080 pixels
42K or QHD2560×1440 pixels
54K 4096×2160 pixels
Screen Resolution Naming

Important Tips

If you are reading this article then I am assuming that you are thinking to buy a new Tv, Mobile or a Laptop. For screen resolutions you must note that our eyes don’t see any major difference after 4k for laptops and Tv’s. Moreover If we consider about mobiles then as mentioned earlier 720p and 1080p is the best you should find because after 1080p your eyes will not find any difference at such a small screen.

If your concern is a laptop go for 4k simply best option it is. But if you are thinking of a Tv things are different. For different Tv’s there are different size variations. So, besides of going for resolution you can ask for a high PPI(Pixel Per Inch) Screen. Since Screen Resolution Is not the only Factor you consider before buying a Tv you can see our TV BUYER GUIDE. For any further Queries you can use our comment section…

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