So you are angry for not getting a chicken dinner just because your screen was not smooth enough that you could control some recoil. Don’t worry in this article we are gonna solve your problem regarding How To make phone screen smooth for BGMI? Their are some reasons why your screen is not smooth enough to keep up with your speed. All are listed below.

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Screen Guard is Poor

Firstly. Their are many companies that make their screen guards but not all are good enough. You should make sure o have a good branded quality MATT finish screen guard. Why matt finish simply because they are literally the smoothest of touches around market. The one brand which I recommend is the Muchacho. Their Screen guards or screen protectors are quiet affordable so it will be OK to try one.

Hands Are Not Clean

Secondly, You should have already cleansed your hands before even touching your device for that, Don’t wash your hands and immediately touch your screen. Lets your hands dry naturally after wiping it with a towel. I would recommend you to use an alcohol based air wiped which you can easily get on amazon. Just wipe your hands then wait for a minute or tow and you should be ready to go.

Your Screen is not clean

Finally, For cleaning you screen you can use the alcohol wipes for cleaning sticky dirt from your screen. Now use a microfiber cloth to remove excess of dirt. Finally, You should apply some Vaseline on your screen and rub it generously by the help of microfiber cloth. this will Give the utmost smoothness to your screen. Don’t apply excess of ointment or the effect will be less. Don’t forget to tell us if you found this article regarding How To make phone screen smooth for bgmi Helpful in comments.

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