Sony Bravia x7400 series

Sony Bravia x7400H was a series silently launched in India in year 2020. It is companies one of the most popular android Tv. Even today this tv has a special place in market among all. If you are reading this article then you might be thinking to purchase a new tv. Don’t worry I have created a Tv Buyer guide you can check out if you want. moreover in this article I have written about all specifications, feature, operating system and more. Most Importantly Is it worth buying in 2021? Let’s find out.

First Impression/Looks

This particular tv set comes with Two table stands. Firstly their are total of 3 HDMI ports on Sony Bravia x7400H series Tv. 4k tv with HDMI 2.1. All the ports are side mounted. It make it easy for the user to change wires even while the tv is wall mount. The tv set has an impressive size of 55 inches. This Tv comes in 3 variants 43 inch, 55 inch, and 65 inch.

secondly you will get it mount on your wall for free. An agent from company will arrive on your address. The body of this Tv comprises of plastic. Picture quality is fabulous with supported Dolby Atmos surround sound everything is just amazing. moreover there are 2 USB 2.0 ports. 1 Audio 3.5mm Jack, 1 RJ Audio jack and 1 Digital audio output jack. Their are 2 audio buttons and 1 power button.

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You get a maximum supportable resolution of 4k or 2160p with Sony Bravia x7400 series. Moreover for High quality videography you get a dedicated X1 processor. Which makes video quality just out of he league. Since 4k is not so common yet. Our X1 processor has an ability to Upscale any 1080p Video Into 4K graphics. With a motion flow of XR100 video plays at a smooth rate.


  • For operating system Sony Bravia x7400H is an android certified tv. If you are not familiar with android certificate. Android certificate is a guarantee to have all the android Tv apps accessible on your tv. Moreover you will also receive regular updates from google. Because of google certificate the layout is also very clean.
  • This android tv comes with a built internal storage of 16gb. But, Available memory is 12gb.
  • The remote with this tv is Bluetooth has connectivity not infrared. This means You don’t need to pint your remote towards your tv for giving a command.
  • You can mirror your phone on you tv using google home.
  • Lastly we have 20W speakers with dolby atmos. These speakers are just so good that you don’t need any external audio system. But if you still wish to have external sound system consider buying a soundbar.

Personal Opinion

After taking all the features with this television. I can state that this tv is not worth buying in 2021. Why? It’s because their are televisions with way better picture quality, display and most importantly operating system. Simply because Operating system and its interface are both out of dated and I can see a major different in current tech around in the market. I am not stating this as a poor quality Television. It’s just that the technology is getting outdated. But I you wish to buy it. Here are the links to check it out on amazon. If you buy through these links. It will be a huge support.

Extra Tip

Everyone have their own plans for Tv so you may also have a prospective of use towards this tv. If you are thinking to have gaming hours on tv go ahead and checkout best gaming headphones you may need one. We keep posting more informative content like this on our website so stay tuned with GoScreen. Also follow us on Facebook and Twitter

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