It have been 5 long years since the launce of Sony Playstation 4. People loved it they enjoyed spending time on that console. But, Finally after waiting for 5 long year Sony Playstation 5 india, The future of next generation 4k gaming is here. Ever since playstation 5 has launched market is greatly hyped and this have continued to increase. Firstly People are going crazy about the announcements.

Moreover oeople are just crazy with the performance. But is it actually worth it. specially How better is PS 5 than sony’s previous generation PS 4. By medium of this context. I will be trying to cover every doubt you have. We will discuss all specifications and features. So, Is it’s performance good? great? or better? Answer is simple PS 5 Is Just a beast. How? well lets begin with specifications at first. Then we will go in depth with features,

Operating system

The interface of sony playstation 5 Is much Minimalistic than ever before. If you compare it with ps 4 then you will understand that UI of ps 4 use to be very crowdy. But, Now things are different. This is because The UI of ps 5 is designed in a way that to find everything is much convenient.

We get Astro playroom inbuilt inside, This is basically a tour guide of all the features. It will guide you about everything but in a visual way. Specially when you try Haptic feedback and the dual sensed dual shock is a bless to experience in Astro playroom.


Now talking about storage in Playstation 5. Firstly I noticed that Loading time of games, Saving time or any processing time is quiet a very fast. Thanks to 825GB SSD. There is no Hard drive installed in ps5. I must also conclude one thing that Since we have only 825GB SSD a number of games can be installed in it at once. Because of Huge average size of games now a days (150GB). But still if you wish to have more games installed you can use an external SSD to add more games or data. Whereas PlayStation 4 had 500GB, 1TB storage.

Gameplay Performance

About gaming experience You will be able to run 4K gaming at 120 FPS. But, you know what their is something more about it. You can also play games at 8K video resolution at 30 FPS. Ain’t this amazing? Another thing which might be crossing you mind is its heat responsiveness. The thing is that the the all new PlayStation 5 is built so good.

That it’s huge heat syncs are quiet a good deal here, Even after hours of gameplay you will not see any heating quickly. Their thermal management is literally so good, Heat sinks are Big and you are gonna love it. The sound quality that your Viewing device offers is a separate issue but the haptic feedback mechanism of these Gamepads are quiet an enhancive good. Although their was shock in PS4 remotes but still it is nothing as compared to PS5.

Touchpads of you gaming pads are very sensitive than before. You can try the touchpad visual graphics on Astro Playroom. Gamepads are USB-C rechargeable And will give you 6 Hours Long Battery life. For two gamepads you can buy cradle separately and it will just do the job fine.


Now let’s talk serious about some problem you might fane with PS5.

  • Firstly the main problem with this thing is availability. The last time when it was in sale PS5 was out of stocks and not in hours but within seconds it was out of stocks.
  • Secondly because of this availability issue Games dedicated to ps5 are very less yet it is something which will be sorted out with availability.

Although their are some issues with PlayStation 5 in India but still it’s amazing performance defeats PlayStation 4 by a huge margin. Weather it is performance or it is features. Sony PlayStation 5 is clearly amazing.

Release Date

Sony PlayStation 5 was released in India on 2 Feb,2021. But since it’s demand is a huge it’s availability is kind of a problem. We are still waiting for Sony to Announce any updates regarding Sony PlayStation 5. May be we will see Sony playstation 5 in india by this june or july. But until then we have to wait. until the date Sony launch ps5 their is nothing we can do except waiting.

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