Since last few years, buying a sound bar along with a Tv has become a trend. Having one with you tv is surely a very good thing. But if you are going to buy one for your device and you have no knowledge about them. This could be a problem. You need to know some important things before buying one yourself. That is why I have created a perfect list of best soundbar available under price range of 20000 in india.

Dolby atmos and surround sound or with and without subwoofer are some of the key features of soundbars. There is a reason why everyone love soundbars, that is because of the experience that we get with them. The audio quality is totally amazing. Now a days it is suggested to have a soundbar with you tv. That is why we will go through every detail that is required. But if in case you are in a hurry. I will tell you the best of all straight away.

The best soundbar that you get for price under 20000 in india is Philips Audio HTL8162. This is because of a lot more versatility with this product. The audio output is magical and subwoofer works fantastic. You can connect it with bluetooth, wireless mode, HDMI cable or aux cable can also be used. These are some of many factors which makes this product best of all.


Let’s Begin Now

Yamaha YAS-109

Firstly, we have yamaha yas-109 soundbar. This soundbar comes without external woofer but sounds very decent. Since there is no external woofer it saves a lot of space. Talking about the sound quality, all highs and lows are very balanced so you experience high quality sound feedback. With them listening to music with high details is very good piece of experience. They are very good when we talk about their bass. On full volume the are unexpectedly very loud.

Since some people have concerns with loudness that is why I clarified it. There are 2 in-built subwoofers to ensure high quality bass boosted sound. This is what I like the most about them. With bluetooth connectivity you can stream music from mobile or desktop to them with ease. For cinema like experience they come with DTS Virtual X 3D surround sound. One additional feature is that you get alex voice controls with them too. So you can do much more than just listening to music.

Sony HT-S350 2.1Ch

Next we have sony soundbar which also comes with an external wireless subwoofer. Because of this woofer. It is not ok to call it a soundbar any more you can also say it a complete home theater system available under price segment of 20000. you can connect it to your tv or another media source such as mobile phone or pc with multiple connectivity options. You can connect it with both HDMI cable and Bluetooth too. You get to Enjoy dramatic and high-quality punchy music beats surround sound with Dolby Digital availability.

The subwoofer we get along the soundbar is wireless and is big 16cm wide woofer cavity for deep rich bass. If you like watching movies then this could be the perfect fit for you. With S-Force PRO front surround sound you will feel like a part of that movie. The best thing is that you need not to install any additional rear speaker. To connect it with tv. All you need is a single cable connection with HDMI and you are done.

JBL Cinema SB130

There is no secret that whenever we talk about music and audio JBL is there. This is because of the reputed sound quality of their products. This soundbar is just like a full home theater system. You can connect it to your tv or phone with the help of bluetooth mode. If you want to you can also use aux cable to make a connection with soundbar.

If I have to say a word about the build quality of this product. Then I have to say that their quality of product and durability is something else. You can use them for years without worrying about them. To make things more interesting company added a 1 year warranty. You get Dolby Digital embedded for ultimate movie experience.

Philips Audio HTL8162

Philips is always my favourite brand in terms of audio products. I have used many of their products and never regretted of them, Not even once. The build quality of this product is arguably very good and reliable. The design is what makes it very durable too. This Philips soundbar is created with a slanted geometric design. We also get a wireless subwoofer for an easy and space saving placement. This is why I have doubts that this product will last longer than 5 years at least. To play music on it you need to connect it with you media source.

You can do this in many different ways. You can use Bluetooth, aux cable, HDMI cable, and Wireless Communication too. The Wireless and compact subwoofer adds thrill to the action with its powerful bass and joyful treble. You can simply sit back and enjoy the music and control soundbar with remote controler that we get. It comes with Comes with Dolby Audio and creates a dynamic audio experience that connects you more deeply to your favorite entertainment movie or etc.

Samsung T450/XL

Samsung is a name of flagship electronics. I am not just saying it to make things sound interesting. but, samsung products are totally on another level. But, getting a soundbar from samsung in India at such an affordable price for under 20000 is what makes me amazed about them. The quality of this soundbar and its functions are very vast. Firstly, talking about the build quality of samsung soundbar is something which is not needed.

Their products are always very strongly build. their durability is also top notch. If you are a gamer and need to use soundbar for enhanced gaming experience. Then this product is for you, why? Because samsung soundbar comes with a Game Mode. By activating the game mode you will get even improvised sound effects making you experience enhanced. Also with Dolby Digital and surround sound entertainment is boosted to next level. You will again get a remote to use it conveniently. 1 Year manufacturing warranty is also included in the deal.

So, Which Is The Best?

The best soundbar that you get for price under 20000 in india is Philips Audio HTL8162. This is because of a lot more versatility with this product. The audio output is magical and subwoofer works fantastic. You can connect it with bluetooth, wireless mode, HDMI cable or aux cable can also be used. These are some of many factors which makes this product best among all.


So, which one did you like the most? Are you going to buy any one of these. Let me know in the comment section about you choice. If you have any stories to share or just want to start a healthy discussion feel free to use the comments area under the post. I would love to hear about your stories with one of these too.

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