I have used many headsets in these past years. To be precise in my work I need to have good pair of headphones. I have used different wireless headphones from various well recognised brands. Also I have used wired headsets for casual usage as well as for my professional usage. One thing that I love spending my time with is gaming. For that purpose there are many different gaming headsets which are specially built for gaming purpose. But what really is good gaming headphones?

According to me a headphone is only good if it meets all of these conditions

  • It should fulfill all your needs conveniently and completely.
  • They should fit comfortably on your head.
  • Include all important features and specifications
  • Material used to build them should be durable.
  • Product must be from a trusted brand with high authority Name
  • Headphones that will last longer.
  • The Most Important thing is that they should sound really good

Although these points are pretty explanatory but there are still many factors to discuss in detail. For that let’s get started.

Meet All Basic Requirements

Firstly, what good is a headphone for if it don’t have any basic features or specifications that you are looking for. This section is something that has a lot of variations according to your need for headphones. If you are a gamer I recommend you to buy some good quality gaming headsets from companies like logitech, cosmic byte, Hp, and etc. If you are searching for headsets which are ideally good for music production or video editing. The ones you are going to pursue for is sennheisers. These are just brand names, why am I recommending them?

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This is because Cosmic Byte is a brand which makes gaming products. They have clear sound along with good quality in-built microphone with audio control unit. Since gamers love their headphones having RGB you can also have option in them here. About sennheisers, they are more of like for studio use. If you have ever used them before, you will know that they don’t have any in-built microphone in them. This is because there is no use of inbuilt headphone mic in a studio. But what if you need for normal usage.

Here is a list of normal required specifications;

  • Driver diameter size between 8-15mm(for Earphones) and 20-50mm(for Headphones)
  • Not so unique cushion design(It will be very difficult to find the once damaged)
  • Contain an In-built microphone.
  • Warranty should be included
  • Size of body should not be so big and should not be so small either.
  • If wired then wire has to be braided or of very sturdy and high quality material.
  • Audio output should be equally equalized which means balanced base, melody and mids.(Although some people like me love high bass)
  • Noise cancellation availability if possible.

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Reliability of Headphone

Secondly, it is also very important that your headphones is working for you not the other way around. What I actually mean is that headphone is good enough to last longer. Not just it stays with you for long time, But, I don’t consider it as a good pair of headset if you are on the go every month for either cushion got damaged. Maybe it’s 3.5 jack is not working properly. You are not able to hear sound from one of the sides.

Even if you are getting any warranty with it. I highly doubt that anyone wants to devote their precious time in repairing same headphones again and again. Simply no one has so much of time. Also If you are a professional and you can work without them consider this as a serious factor. I have faced the same with many headphones in the past and I can tell you, It is way more annoying than it sounds to you.

Physical Characteristics

I will tell you one thing the first thing that everyone loves is that their headphones or earphones should look good. This is something that we kind of skip sometimes while choosing best ones for use. We are so busy reading specifications that the looks of product are often compromised. This is something That I don’t want you to do. Make sure to work your best on it too.

But, what are the physical characteristics you should look for? Firstly look it they are expandable. Many headphones do expand in size but still some don’t which is something not so good. Next I want you to take a look for the structural factor. Which is that weather headphones are foldable or not. if you cannot fold them, How do you expect to carry them along with you?

Next take a look at their hinges. Well I don’t want you to think about metallic is good. What you really should think is that it’s hinges should be tough. At least they must not bend or wear quickly. Because they are very important for longer durability.


Here is everything that you need to worry about you headphones being good. Everything is important but, you can always sacrifice on looks as it is more of like an attitude not a feature. But to sum things up good headsets are one that make you satisfied with them in every aspect. i mean you don’t need to put any often efforts to maintain them, they have a good warranty to ensure if anything happen you could fix them with ease. But what matters the most is that they sound awesome.

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