If you are buying a new pc setup or a new LED monitor individually. I would warn you you must check all the features carefully. To save your time I have made a perfect list of monitor for price under 15000 available in India. Using a gaming pc myself I Know what works and what doesn’t. So I guess It is ok to trust me Right? You must check all the specifications and warranty documentations carefully before investing. Since you are investing ₹15000 you might not want to make any mistakes and regret later. That is exactly why we will go through all features and specification one by one.

Since this is going to be a detailed discussion about monitors I would suggest you to stay till the very end. Although I will mention my personal best among all. Still small variations might make a major difference. So, stay along with me. but in case you are in a hurry which is totally acceptable. i will tell you the best of all straight away.

The best monitor available in india under price range of 15000 is HP M24FWA Monitor. Because of enhanced features like in-built speakers and high refresh rate followed by low response time. This monitor is a beast for a gaming geek. Also it performs regular video display at a much higher quality than other.

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With that said Let’s get started

Samsung LED Monitor

Firstly we have Samsung 27 Inch LS27R350FHWXXL LED monitor in our list or best monitor under 15000. This monitor is considered best not just because of samsung. This is also one of the most affordable best quality gaming monitor available under 15000 price range. the design of monitor is very good and build quality is top notch.

Also the body is strong which makes is hard and durable. So you might not see any scratches on the body for a very long time. To make things more interesting you get a 5 year warranty with it. But, why I mentioned a budget gaming monitor. it is because of its 75hz refresh rate and 5ms response time which is insanely low. You like to watch movies? with 1080p or FULL HD display you can watch movies or surf on youtube with more enjoyment.

BenQ 27 Inch GW2780

Benq Gaming has Monitor under 10000

Next we have BenQ 27 Inch GW2780, this is not also a budget gaming monitor. But I would say this is a gaming escentric monitor. Sounds good? Yes you are getting a dedicated gaming monitor under 15000 price range. This is a good news I believe. Having a gaming monitor is just great. Because gaming gadgets are made to improve performance.

Once again you get a 3 year of warranty. what make things really heat up is that this monitor has built in speakers. Display quality is very good and responsive. Here you get a Full HD or 1080p display which gives vibrant colour feedback. If you want to listen music from your earphones. You can also connect it with your earphones in the Built-in aux 3.5 port. Display has a response time of 5ms which is very good also a refresh rate of 60fps.

Lenovo Q-Series 23.8-Inch Q24i-1L

Thirdly, here comes lenovo q-series of monitors. This monitor is very good and if you want to use you can use it for performance tasks like video editing, gaming, etc. This is not claimed as a gaming monitor by company but it is better than many gaming monitors you can find out there.

First of all it comes with a super amazing display of refresh rate 75Hz and a response time as low as 4ms. To make things more interesting it also has amd freesync. There are 2 built-in speakers with driver of size 3 mm each. with this screen o f highly vibrant colour range and 1080p or FULL HD resolution you will love watching your favourite entertainment shows.

Acer 27 Inch Full HD Monitor

Talk about performance acer is always there. Next we have Acer 27 Inch HA270 monitor with Full HD or 1080p display resolution. This a gaming pc made specifically for gaming as mentioned earlier. You can play games at very high FPS and enjoy it at its full extent. This monitor comes with a refresh rate of 60hz and response time of only 4ms which is crazy.

As we are talking about acer which is always famous for it’s build quality. As reflects this monitor, the design is very strong and sturdy also it is very durable. This ensures years of life span of your monitoring device. But just to make things more comfortable for its customers company also offers 3 years of warranty.

HP M24FWA Monitor

Last but not the least we have HP M24FWA 23.8-Inch 34Y23AA. Now this monitor is very good looking. For the matter of fact hp always makes it’s products very good looking. This is what I am a big fan about this company. The overall build quality of this monitor is very good. The body is extremely strong and sturdy. The monitor is also very durable to scratches. Apart from build, this monitor has a display of 10890p or Full HD video Resolution.

Hp did a good work o f adding built in speakers which makes it more budget friendly. As if you are going to make a complete gaming pc setup. Then you will need to buy speakers additionally, which you will not require to use additionally. With a gaming pc we generally use headphones. This is saving you budget by introducing speakers inside monitor. 75Hz refresh rate and 5ms response time totally a beast monitor device for price under 15000.

So, Which is The Best?

According to me The best monitor available in india under price range of 15000 is HP M24FWA Monitor. Because of enhanced features like in-built speakers and high refresh rate followed by low response time. This monitor is a beast for a gaming geek. Also it performs regular video display at a much higher quality than other.


So, which one did you like the most? Are you going to buy any one of these. Let me know in the comment section about you choice. If you have any stories to share or just want to start a healthy discussion feel free to use the comments area under the post. I would love to hear about your stories with one of these too.

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