There are various key factors you must know before buying a tv. In this Tv buyer guide I have arranged them in a list format. This tv buyer guide contains everything you need to know. So if you find this guide helpful please leave a comment below. Firstly what are those Key factors to decide what tv should you purchase.


Firstly Before going Straight into the buyer guide lets make sure that we do recognize out budget boundary. Because we don’t want you to treat your TV as your Lifetime Treasure. Now there is quite a good chance that you might already know about your expenditure limit. But, If not then I would say that it is Actually the first thing you should be doing. It is not Just that you should think about Price of tv before buying It But also that how much is it’s maintenance cost and also It’s Power Consumption. After all, we all need to pay out electricity bills. So first sit back and get a pen and paper. You need to Calculate a lot. After you have completed your first necessity, Let’s dive in.


It is said that if we want to find the perfect screen size for us. We can consider dividing the viewing distance(in foots) by 1.6. This will give us the our screen size in foots. But if we want some estimated value to that and don’t wanna calculate then here’s a table that can be helpful.

Average Viewing Distance (minimum)Average viewing distance(maximum)TV Size in Inches
0.77 m1.04 m25 inch
0.92 m1.24 m30 inch
1.07 m1.45 m35 inch
1.22 m1.66 m40 inch
1.37 m1.86 m45 inch
1.53 m2.06 m50 inch
1.68 m2.28 m55 inch
1.83 m2.48 m60 inch
1.98 m2.69 m65 inch
2.13 m2.90 m70 inch
2.29 m3.10 m75 inch
2.44 m3.31 m80 inch
2.59 m3.52 m85 inch
viewing distance vs Tv size

But lets do some straight talks, apart from there numbers. We know that one this might be striking your mind that TV! The Bigger The better! But just think of the room in which you are going to place your TV if your room Is not A very big One. Then buying a new Huge TV might not be a very good idea because Small room means more of photon concentration on viewers Eyes. Some times smaller is better. You can buy any size tv you wish but don’t forget about Cost is increasing with size too.

Display Type

Talking about display type basically there are LED’s and two of its extensive versions QLED and OLED available in market. Lets go through these one by one.

flower petels in Qled screen


LED’s or Light Emitting Diodes are the most widely purchased ones in the Indian market. This is because of their Low Cost which makes it quite an affordable Choice. LED’s are basically having a chromatic fluid inside and a film of light emitting diodes behind it. This simple setup makes LED’s very thin and hence are less space covering Than a LCD. So, LED’s can be a good choice if you lack space or have a tight budget.


This is an epic change in color, contrast, power efficiency and much more because the game at this point totally changes. In OLED’s or the Organic Light Emitting diodes . Each and every pixel on you screen will be having its own light source which makes this technology really expensive. But because of this change the shadows on your screen will be completely black and the whites are total whites. Which means the color grading of the movie you will watch is gonna be fantastic. By this you can get an idea about the technology we are using. You think this is the ending NOT AT ALL!…..


Now When we talk about QLED’s, these LED’s are actually the most amazing and costly ones. Their cost is because of their ability to represent any color in maximum precise manner. If we don’t dive into technical terms then in a nutshell they contain quantum dot’s which are just next to real colors. In Current market QLED’s are just the best you can buy. Because of this ultra light and ultra efficient technology you will notice that these QLED’s come in curved screens as well. So if you are looking for something absolutely amazing and don’t care about budget then you must consider buying one.

Now there is one more Display Type I must tell it is the LCD(Liquid Crystal Display). Now they were dominating till 2014, But their problem wat that they consumed way more power that QLED’s do.


Firstly, Screen resolution is something which cannot be decides so simply. There are a number of factors to consider about. To explain this you must know what resolution is. You might have hear people saying 720p and 1080 so and so. Actually 1080p refers to 1920×1080 here former refers to number of pixels in horizontal row where as lateral means number of pixels in single vertical column. Wandering what “p” stands for in 1080p? It implies about progressive scan technique. Means that all the horizonal rows refresh at the same time. To Know about screen resolution in detail CLICK HERE


Connectivity here refers to the number of methods by which you can connect to it. Now since it is 2021 when you are going to buy a tv it is important that your TV have all of these feature built in them.

  • Wifi adapter and ethernet
  • HDMI port
  • USB port
  • Bluetooth

Now since everyone wants to surf internet on tv’s, It is crucial for you tv to have a Wifi adapter or an ethernet port. Because without them there is no way that you can watch Youtube on TV. Another important thing is HDMI port because many set-top boxes still need that for connections. USB ports all of our memorable videos and all we store them either in our hardrives or pendrives. What use is of them if you can see them in your TV so take care about the USB port as Well. Now Bluetooth is something optional if you are planing to connect a home theatre, wireless headphones or a soundbar with it Bluetooth connectivity is must.


If your plans are to make a gaming setup with your tv then Don’t Ever forget to consider about the refresh rate of your screen. Because in competitive gaming your frame rate or FPS will matter a lot. More the refresh rate more of preciseness. But not just about gaming a high FPS screen will enhance your experience in every turn. The movie you will be watching will be more real and Fun. You Will Find TV’s with a refresh rate of 60 Hz but I would recommend go for 120 Hz.


Now last but very important to check that on What OS you TV run’s? There are many in the market, But I would recommend you to precisely stick to Android OS. Because it is literally the most brilliant and most handy one in all around. Other OS in market?

There is one more thing you must know before buying tv. You should ask the retailer that is the remote having a MIC or NOT? Because typing on Your new TV will be a problem. For every time you will have to use the 4 directional navigation buttons if you don’t have voice command. Now if you are facing any more queries about TV feel free to ask us in the comment section. Also share this Tv buyer guide to someone it can be helpful to. And stay Tuned with GoScreen.

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